Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm Going to Try

I can't even pretend that I can put together an outfit as fierce as what Giovanna would wear to the supermarket, but I can't help it. I want this outfit.

Obiviously the foundation of this outfit is the pants, those metallic, snakeskin print (at least I think it's snakeskin), cropped pants. They are all kinds of fantasmic. They are also a little unrealistic for real life, both in terms of price and actual wearability. So I'm going for a slightly more subdued pant, but I'm sticking with the layering of the grey over the black sweater, the knotted scarf (but in color to take the focal point from the non-shiny pants), and the statement heels. I really like the idea of a frosty, grey/black color palette with just a hint of icy color. Very chic.

Victoria's Secret Linen blend slim pant, down from $98 to $58 at, J. Crew Cashmere Long-sleeve Tee, $145 at I know, I know, I just featured this pant, but it's the cheapest, cutest pair of slim, slightly shiny trousers that I've been able to find. If you got them hemmed a couple of inches, they would be cropped trouser PERFECTION. On top, start off with this J. Crew cashmere tee. It's super thin, so it's really easy to layer and isn't at all bulky.

Ever Sienna Scoop Neck Sweater, $198 at, Love Quotes Scarf in Morning Glory, $88 at, Tashkent by Cheyenne Nico Buckled Wedge Sandals, $552 at Throw on this Ever sweater over the J. Crew tee, and scrunch up the sleeves of the Ever sweater a bit. There's a bit more of a color contrast than in Giovanna's outfit, but since we're doing a subtler pant there's room for more visual interest on top. I added this pale violet scarf for a dose of icy color, which livens up the outfit while staying within the frosty color palette. And because I own that scarf (and love it!). Not that I'm playing scarf favorites or anything. I'd finish the outfit off with these wedges. The pale grey fits in perfectly, the suede and shiny buckles add texture to the ensemble, and they're just so darn cute!

So no, it's not quite as chic as Giovanna's outfit, but it's not half bad. Then again, think what I could do with her resources. Drool...

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