Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lorick FINALLY at Retail

I've been in love with Lorick ever since the line debuted on Gossip Girl last season, but the line's been a little hard to track down in the mean time. But finally, finally, the Spring stuff is up online, and here are my picks:

Lorick Heart Beat Dress, $345 at, Lorick Scarf Overlay Dress, $318 at, Lorick Strapless Dress, $368 at The print on that first dress is a heart monitor line thingy! It took me forever to figure that out. I think the combination of the quirky, slightly morbid print and the retro, super feminine shape is adorable. And the cut is really, really flattering, with the fitted bodice and swingy skirt. The second dress is a little more on the hippie/organic-looking side, with the cream hues and brown, tie-dye scarf overlay. Again, the shape is very flattering, and I like how there's just a kind of this off-beat detailing with the print. That's what makes these pieces so special--they don't look like anything else out there. The last dress is very simple, but more on the formal side. The pared-down silhouette is balanced nicely by the rich sheen of the fabrics and the contrasting hem, and who doesn't love a sweetheart neckline?

Vena Cava Papyrus Dress, $575 at This dress was on Gossip Girl on Monday. I've been eyeing it for awhile, and that cameo convinced me. The zipper down the front is so unexpected, but very sexy, and the above the knee length skirt mediates the zipper and the bare top. I love the print on the skirt, and the dress itself is just such a look. It doesn't really need anything else to make it work, and I promise, it's more flattering than it looks.

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