Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Desperately Seeking Susan

Add this to your Netflix now. The movie itself is good, but the fashion is AMAZING. Think mid '80s and young Madonna. I die. Twice. Everything she wears is amazing, but she has this short, fitted boyfriend blazer/layered rosary necklace thing going on that is really quite fantastic. Observe:

Yeah, copying the look verbatim might not be the best idea, but as an inspiration, it's perfect!

Johnson Ralph Blazer, $326 at, Elizabeth & James Jagger Jacket, $395 at, Elizabeth and James Jackson Blazer, $395 at Boyfriend, cropped/cutaway, fitted blazers are '80s-inspired, but the softer shoulders and modern fabrics keep them from being dated. I love the touch of plaid on this Johnson blazer, and it definitely looks the most like the blazer from the movie. That middle blazer is definitely the most '80s, with the cutaway front and longer back, but I love the monochromatic stripes! And the double-breasted buttons are adorable. The last blazer is my favorite. The cropped, cutaway from combined with the double-breasted buttons almost makes it look like a tuxedo vest, but the bright white shade keeps it from being dated/kitschy. Love!

Catholic Black Rosary Beads, $11.95 at, Black Prayer Beads Lourdes Rosary, $9.49 at, Alkemie Jewelry Black Owl Rosary Necklace, $209 at Rosaries are surprisingly cheap! Which means that you can afford to buy multiples and layer them, a la Madonna. I like the black/silver versions because they don't look tacky, and they'll show up against a wider range of colors than say, a white rosary. This first rosary is a bit more feminine and ornate, and the second is a little blockier and a little more androgynous (so of course I like that one more). Personally, I have nothing against wearing rosaries. They're beautiful, and they make a statement. But, I'm sure some people find wearing rosaries in a non-religious context offensive, which is why I put in this owl rosary. I'm not really sure if you can call it a rosary without a cross, but it looks extremely similar. The owl is a quirky, cute touch.

I'd layer a cropped/cut-away jacket over a sheerish white tee, throw on a couple rosary necklaces (or some chain necklaces), a pair of boyfriend jeans, and some fierce heels, and people will be desperately seeking you. Too easy. Sorry.

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