Saturday, April 4, 2009

Uh oh

I have some very bad news. Stila Cosmetics, which obviously some of you guys love looking at the poll on the left and who makes my favorite pressed powder, may be going bankrupt. As in adios, no more, say goodbye to your Kitten eyeshadow bankrupt. And I have just one thing to say: I thought makeup was recession-proof! I may be naive, but it makes sense to me that when you can't get mani/pedis or go on shopping sprees anymore, you cut back and pick up a lipstick or an eyeshadow instead. You get the same happy, warm fuzzies as you do when you spend more money on clothes, etc, but cosmetics are a great, cheaper fallback alternative, no? Which is why I'm shocked that Stila may be going under. They're a good-sized cosmetics brand--I thought they'd withstand the recession.

Here's the evidence that the Stila we know and love may be no longer:
-Offices were shut
-You can't reach them via e-mail or phone
-The website is down and orders have been cancelled
-They terminated their relationship with their publicists a few weeks ago
-They had a massive sale on

I'm getting all of this from I'm a little depressed about this, I have to be honest. Where am I going to get my pressed powder? Smudge pots? Lip gloss? Kitten shadow? I guess this means Sephora will be having a massive Stila sale. That's the only upside to this giant mess. I'm going to go cry silently into my pillow now.

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