Thursday, May 14, 2009

What I'd Wear in Paris

So, long story short, this post isn't 100% random. I was supposed to go to Paris after graduation, but (long story very, very short) I'm actually going to New Orleans instead. Like I said, random. But just because I won't actually be in Paris doesn't mean that I've stopped dreaming up imaginary outfits to wear around Paris. Yes, this is what I do with my free time. Be jealous. :) And since these outfits aren't real, they have no budget! If only I could say the same for my actual closet...

Current Elliot Cropped Zip Jean, $219 at, Whitney Eve Zipper Motorcycle Jacket, $390 at, Monrow Crocodile Tank, down from $92 tp $46 at My love of cropped jeans is no secret, and while they may sound a little dated at first, think about it. First off, if Current Elliot's making them, they aren't dated, and second, they're a great alternative to leggings! And are actual pants! Unlike leggings or tights which, let's face it, are stretchy HOSIERY. Not pants. I'd pair those zip cropped jeans with this Monrow tank. I love the half tie-dye/half crocodile scale pattern (very uptown hippie), and $46 is a really good deal for Monrow. I have a Monrow jacket that I've actually, honestly abused, and it's still holding up perfectly. The hippie vibe of that tank would balance out the edginess of that Whitney Eve motorcycle jacket perfectly. Yes, I know, it's Whitney Port's line, but look how cute that jacket is (it's the one she's wearing on the left, sorry for the crappy pic). I like the long sleeves against the shorter body and the just-sharp-enough shoulders. Cropped jeans, a drapey tank, and a motorcycle jacket is definitely my version of Parisian chic.

Alkemie Spiderweb Heart Rosary Necklace, $178 at, Foley + Corinna Washed Mid City Tote in Coal, $444 at, Tory Burch Anamarte Huarache Wedge Sandals, $310 at Since it's Paris, aka the city of black/white/grey, I wanted to keep the accessories in the same color palette, but have them be interesting and quirky enough not to be basic. I hate spiders, but I love that Alkemie necklace (I'm seriously feeling Alkemie lately). It's got a bit of a rosary vibe, but the pendant is a spiderweb, and there are two little spiders attached to the necklace. It's kind of morbid and creepy, but in a really cool way. I actually have the bag in the middle, but in brown, and I can vouch for it's awesomeness. It's the perfect size, the design is so, so timeless, and the slate grey color is seriously calling to me. Even though grey is technically a neutral, I think it adds punch to an outfit because it's kind of unexpected. And it's one of my favorite colors. I'm not biased. The shoes are a neutral as well, but the patent leather and woven straps make them anything but boring. Wedges are semi-practical for walking around, but way chicer than sandals.

I've never actually been to Paris (sob), but I imagine that Parisian chic would be something along the lines of a more muter color palette with really interesting textures and details. There's a subtle richness to that kind of look that's but understated and luxurious at the same time.

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