Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dear Jac

I'm clearly running out of creativity here, but I have APs next week. I'm allowed to be brain dead. This is a post dedicated to the awesomeness of Dear Jac, an adorably eclectic online boutique. You should definitely click on over to the site and check it out yourself, but here are some highlights to give you an idea of their asthetic.

Cynthia Vincent Brit Zip-Front Gladiator Sandal, $212 at, Property of Carter Day Bag, $218 at, Matta Dupatta Scarf, $152 at I know, gladiator sandals are kind of passe, I get it, I really do. Even if I'll still wear them (I'm a rebel! Not really.). But these zip-front gladiators are a refreshing twist. The tiny straps and buckles are very Roman, but the zippers are very modern, and your feet will be too. That is the perfect canvas tote. It's canvas, so it's durable/washable, but it doesn't come across as a 'canvas tote' somehow. It's much more army surplus store, which I find oddly appealing. Either way, it's a chic, practical bag. And yes, that scarf is expensive...but it's really pretty. And I like the pom poms, and the sheerness, and the greyish-brownish color, and...I'll stop now.

Margarita Saplala Asymmetrical Dress, $254 at, Built by Wendy Floral Strapless Dress, $253 at, Loyale Valencia Mini, $188 at I'm in love with that first dress. I mean it this time. The asymmetrical shoulder detail is on-trend, but in such a new way, not the typical one-shouldered dress at all. I like the brush stroke-esque print, I like the casual, but flattering fit, and I'm seriously dying right now. That's a really, really versatile dress (accessorize it up for cocktails, dress it down for lunch/shopping, wear it to a wedding, really, the possibilities are endless here). I may have to pony up. As for these last two dresses, before you get all "but tiny floral prints are so granny-tastic," let me just say, the '90s are back, and they're here to stay. It's the 20-year cycle, people. The '90s were almost 20 years ago (that's a scary thought), so we're about due for a grunge revival. These stuffy floral prints both work because they're paired with sexy, streamlined silhouettes. The first dress is so Luella, and would rock so hard with some studded pumps, and the cut of that dress is giving me a bit of a Balenciaga Spring/Summer '09 vibe (anyone else? anyone?), and paired with say, a brown leather belt and some killer platform sandals, that would be so FIERCE. I miss Project Runway. Sigh.

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