Friday, May 22, 2009

Too Excited for Words

This Fall, the CW is debuting a new show called The Beautiful Life, about (you guessed it), beautiful people. It's supposedly going to depict a 'realistic' view of the modeling industry, and stars Mischa Barton, Sara Paxton (that girl from Last House on the Left), Elle Macpherson (random), and Corbin Bleu. Bahahahahaha. Mischa Barton doesn't look that bad in it (she's been getting better lately, no?) but she always plays the same girl: the slightly badass, but not really, misunderstood diva with a substance addiction. I feel like she's always playing herself. But whatever. Here's the trailer below (Zac Posen guest stars):

I like how this is a 'realistic' depiction of the modeling industry. Because it's, um, not. Shows that try to depict modeling usually fail. ANTM? Fail (but funny). House of Style? Fail, and cancelled. Make Me a Supermodel is the most realistic, but even that's a stretch. On the plus side, it looks freaking hilarious, and Sara Paxton is wearing Jenny Humphrey levels of raccoon makeup there, which is something to look forward to all in itself. And think about the outfit opportunities that'll come with this show! The acting may suck, but there will be lots of pretty clothes. That's always worth TiVoing. I think my favorite part is that none of the clothes actually look like Zac Posen, and that the 'models' are walking like Gucci ponies.

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