Thursday, May 14, 2009

Craving: MAC Blushcreme

I have to admit, I love blush. I'm pretty pale, and blush can save me from looking like a corpse on a Monday morning. But the problem with blush (or atleast, powder blushes), is that I have combination skin, aka dry and oily at the same time. So by midday, most blushes end up either showcasing all my flakiness, or caking up on top of my cheeks. It ain't pretty. I've flirted with gel blush in the past, with ok results, but now I'm thinking about trying creme blush, and MAC's blushcreme keeps coming up on Makeupalley with glowing reviews. I like the idea of cream blush because it's more moisturizing than a powder blush, and it has more of a youthful, dewy look, which is always nice. It comes in 6 permanent colors, but the three I'd consider would be Posey, Lilicent, and Ladyblush.

Posey (rosey pink), Lilicent (rosey fleshtone), Ladyblush (cool pink flush):

I'm really feeling Lilicent. Posey is a bit too pink for me, especially since I have a lot of pink undertones in my skin, so pink blush just makes me look sunburnt. Ladyblush is really pretty, but it might be a bit cool for me, and Lilicent looks like peachy-pink perfection. What I'm wondering is, has anybody tried these? Are they are good as I'm hoping, or should I stick with my powder blush? The price seems right, so I'm definitely leaning towards trying one of them...
MAC Blushcreme, $18 at
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