Sunday, May 10, 2009

More Summer Shopping and the Perfect Bikini!

I'm definitely in a summer mood (if you hadn't noticed). I have like 3 days of school left, and LA is definitely heating up, so I've sort of skipped spring and moved straight into summer. Which necessitates a whole new wardrobe, of course. Check out my favorite things at J. Crew right now, plus my idea of the perfect bikini.

J. Crew Lightweight Oxford Tunic, $59.50 at, Slub cotton beaded V-neck tee, $58 at, Beaded scoopneck tee, $58 at Hello, perfect beach coverup. I really like that shirt. It's super-versatile; it would be amazing over a bikini at the beach, with a pair of shorts for day-time, or even as a tunic/dress if you have a short torso (no bootys hanging out in tights, please!). Maudie and I fell in love with these beaded tops at J. Crew the other day. The beading here is the same shade as the tee, so it's extremely subtle, but it catches the light in the most gorgeous way, and totally eliminates the need for jewelry. That kind of detailing on a casual tee really elevates an entire outfit.

Leather Capri sandals, $4950 at, Bamboo tasseled ballet flats, $ at, Soiree clutch, $118 at I had a pair of those J. Crew sandals, and I literally wore them until they fell apart. And now I miss them terribly. You really get the best of both worlds with these. They're as comfy as my Havaianas, but chic/dressy enough to wear everywhere, and very well-made (I got two straight years of abuse out of mine). If you're more of a flats person, check those out! They're so festive. I love the Florence Broadhurst-esque print, the color combinations, the pink trim, and those adorable button tassel things. These flats would work year-round to brighten up a neutral outfit. And don't even get me started on that clutch. It just screams summer island vacation to me. The boxy shape is very classically elegant, but the enthusiastic ruffled flowers make it so young and fun (but not over the top). It comes in black too.

Push-up Triangle Top and Double String Bottom, $22 and $14.50 at I seriously believe that this is the Holy Grail of bikinis. Let me explain my bikini-weirdness. I never go to the beach. The ocean scares me and I sunburn on contact. But, of course, as sun as I throw away whatever nasty bikini is hiding in the corner of my closet, I have to go to a beach b-day party, or a pool party, or something where a bikini is unavoidable. I hate them, but I need one. So, I want a cheap, but really timeless and basic, black bikini, because I just want to buy one, wear it for years, and not even have to think about if it's dated or not. As for bikini shape, I'm a fan of the classic string bikini shape, but I hate how it makes my chest look! Bikinis have no support at all! No cute. That's why I'm in love with this Victoria's Secret bikini. It's a classic color and a classic shape, and the underwiring is subtle, slightly retro, and actually supportive. And did I mention that the entire bikini will cost you less than $37? Yes, please.

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