Friday, May 22, 2009

I Think I Love You

So last weekend Maudie and I went to prom (fun!), and I thought it would be nice to put up a pic of what we wore. Here's the nice picture, with me on the far left and Maudie on the near left. She wore Badgley Mischka and I wore Ali Ro with an Ann Taylor belt (that I stole from my mother. I know, I'm so cool).

Here are slightly crappier pics, but at least you can see our shoes. I don't know where Maudie's shoes are from, but my trannie heels are Steven Madden Luxe.

And here's my dog, Sophie. Because she was watching us, and um, she's really cute.

But all of this is kind of besides the point. This post is really about a sweet little love story, starring me and a tube of Aquaphor (that sounds dirty. Trust me, it's not). About 2 or 3 days before prom, I starting breaking out. I love my hormones. Like any girl would, I immediately started freaking out. My go to solution for nasty zits is toothpaste. It dries those bumps right up. It was a good idea, but then I did somet
hing stupid. I left that toothpaste on for literally 48 hours, instead of the usual 12. I woke up the morning of prom to find three giant, shiny, leathery, red/yellow circles on my face. It's hard to describe, but I basically chemically burned my face. Only me, right? I got through prom with a lot of concealer, but I really thought that those burn marks would scar badly, and they really hurt. So, I high-tailed it over to Target in search of something to save my skin. In a moment of desperation, I grabbed a tube of Aquaphor (which I've been eyeing for a while now). I haven't bought it in the past because I thought it was basically glorified Vaseline, and that it wasn't worth it. But since every makeup artist raves about it and carries it in their kit, I gave it a try.

Aquaphor Healing Ointment, $5.99 for 1.75 ounces at

It has healing ointment in the name, so it had to be perfect. Here's what happened. I burned my skin on Saturday, and I applied the Aquaphor Saturday night, Sunday night, and Monday night, and guess what? It's gone. Everything is completely gone (and let me tell you, it was messed up). Aquaphor definitely lives up to it's name as a healing ointment, and that tiny tube will last you forever. Aquaphor is also a great lip treatment, and won't actually end up making your lips drier like Vaseline does (it makes your lips so dependent on the Vaseline that without it, your lips actually dry out even more), and doesn't taste nasty at it. The consistency is very, very thick, so it's not going to go sliding around anywhere. It also makes a great cheekbone highlighter IF used sparingly. You don't wanto to look greasy. Now, it is chock-full of mineral oil, so it will clog pores. But I slathered it on about 4x a day for 3 days, and only got two little bumpies (and my skin lives to break out), so if you're careful it really shouldn't be a problem at all.

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