Sunday, May 3, 2009

Old School Screen Sirens

As much as I love today's models and starlets, sometimes the heroin chic look can be a little hard to relate to unless you're 90 pounds and 5'10. Back in the old days (or 40/50 years ago), curves were actually a nice thing, and looking like a prepubescent boy was, well, not. Which is why I pulled up a couple pics of Sophia Loren and Bridgitte Bardot. I can actually relate to these women, with their crazy big hair and curves and messy black eyeliner, and I think that's pretty inspirational.

Aside from the hair/makeup and curve-embracingness, I kind of love their clothes. That paired down, '50s European chic--very different from the American '50s, and kind of fantastic. I would wear every one of the outfits above, although my waist would so not fit in that little black belt (seriously?! that girl was teensy).

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Sophia Loren in order:,,, Brigitte Bardot in order:,,

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