Friday, May 1, 2009

Jen's Pirate Booty

Since I've already declared it officially summer (LA's rainy weather is taunting me), it's time to start hunting down some summery dresses. For some reason, I tend to get all happy hippie boho during the summer. Probably because when I don't have to go to school, I stop stressing, and when I stop stressing, I'm a happy hippie. See, I can do math! Anyways, all the other happy hippies out there, I'd like to introduce you to Jen's Pirate Booty. As the name implies, it is slightly pirate-inspired, but not in a tacky/dated way at all. The pirate inspiration is limited to the trim/tier combos and ruffly edges (for some reason, those remind me of pirates. Then again, I could just be crazy, which is probs the more realistic option).

Pretender Top, $99 at, Stevie Top, $110 at, Senorita Dress, $115 at Let's get one thing clear. That is a dress, not a top. Please don't wear it as a top. It's way too long. As a dress, it's kind of sailor-inspired (there's the pirate!) and adorable. The black trim at the hem balances the strong neckline nicely, and it's the perfect combination of comfy and flattering. I'm not suggesting that middle piece as a top either. It has way too much volume and it's too long for that, but it would be an adorable bikini cover-up for the beach! It's short enough to be cool, and seems like it would dry very easily--plus, those sleeves would move so well in the beachy breeze. That yellow off the shoulder dress screams summer ingenue. Yes, it's a little on the bare side, but anchored with some cute engineer boots it would be the perfect outfit for a hot July day.

Joni Dress, $115 at, Cha Cha Mini Dress, $110 at, Janis Dress, $115 at All three of these dresses are so adorable, I can't stand it. They all come in a rainbow of juicy colors. The first dress is a great day dress for the girly-girl, with it's swingy shape, ruffly tiers, and easy belt-ability. The second dress is a slightly sexier, night-time option, and the a-line shape keep the bare shoulders and mini-dress length from crossing the border into slutty. And if you're truly hippie dippy trippy, this Janis dress is perfect for you. It screams '70s. In the best way possible.

And all of these are under $115. That's pretty good for slightly pirate/'70s inspired summer dresses in Starburst worthy hues.

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