Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Stila Sale!

So now that Stila is back on it's feet (thank god!), I guess they're having a bit of a promotion to celebrate! You get some free lipgloss with every $25 purchase, and if you use the code STILAPRO, you get 40% off your purchase. Makeup NEVER goes on sale, and 40% off is almost half off, and half off of makeup is a freaking phenomenal deal. Since the code applies to the whole website, I went through and picked out a few of my favorites and must-haves.

Smokey Eye Palette in Original, $40, $26 with discount at, Kajal Eye liner, $18, $10.80 with discount at, Eye Shadow Pan, $18, $10.80 with discount at Having all the shades you need for the perfect smokey eye in one palette is super-duper convenient (you never lose just one--unless you lose the whole thing, and then I can't help you). Not only are all the shades cute and spot-on, but it talks. Yes, it talks, and it tells you how to apply the shadow. Amazing. And if you use the code GOODEYES, you get free shipping with that palette. Thank you, recession. I've heard great things about Stila's eye liner, and it's less than $11. That's really, really good for eye liner. I like Amethyst, and Tiger's Eye, a deep plum and deep brown. Everyone's heard of Stila's Kitten shadow (so pretty!) and now it's less than $11. That's less than a MAC shadow, even if you figure in the cost of a compact to hold the pan. Aside from Kitten, I love Jezebel, Grace, Golightly, and Barefoot Contessa.

Liquid Eye Liner, $16, $ with discount at, Lip Glaze, $16, $9.60 with discount at, Convertible Color, $25, $15 with discount at That liner is the perfect shape. It's like a little sharpie, which sounds weird, but makes it sooooo much easier to apply liquid liner in a straight line, or an adorable little cat eye. Stila's lip glaze is also pretty famous. I like the clicky pen packaging, especially the brush applicator, and it comes in so many colors. For less than $20 (aka the price of a Nars gloss), you can get two good-sized glosses, like a sweet neutral and a vampy berry. Good buy! And I'm seriously feeling the convertible colors, especially Lilium and Petunia. They're basically cream blushes, housed in adorable little compacts. The mirror is a nice touch to help prevent clown cheeks.

All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer, $22, $13.20 with discount at, Sheer Pressed Powder, $28, $16.80 with discount at, Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 15, $32, $19.20 with discount at Liquid highlighters are the bomb (I couldn't help it). They look so much more natural than powder highlighters, and I love the nail polish bottle packaging. It's very practical, and the golden tone is so flattering. I have the sheer powder, and so does Maudie, and we both love it. The compact is cute, the mirror is great, the included sponge sucks (but who cares?), and while I hit pan on this pretty quickly, like within two weeks, that was in January and I'm still using it. It goes on sheer enough not to get cakey, but pigmented enough to smooth out your skin tone. $16.80 is a freaking steal for how much powder you get. I haven't tried this tinted moisturizer, but I've heard great things about it and I think I'll try it when I run out of my Kiehls. Mixing highlighters and TM together is a great idea. You get light coverage with a bit of a glow. How can that go wrong?

There are also a ton of brushes, mostly in the $20 range, and 40% off $20 makes those brushes $12. That's less than a Sephora brand brush. Yes please.

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