Friday, May 1, 2009

Surprisingly Chic Finds

It's no secret that I love eBay, and another other similar, vintage-filled auction sites. Which is why I'm surprised that I haven't stumbled across Housing Works Auctions before. They auction off vintage jewelry, clothes, accessories, art, furniture, etc., online, with the profits going towards helping victims of AIDs and homelessness. The goods are either sold regular auction style, or with a Buy It Now feature (exactly like eBay). So, in conclusion: cute vintage + great cause + eBay worthy prices = must click to now.

Groton Men's Watch, currently $65 at,
Jasper Stone Horn Necklace, currently $25.80 at, Prada Bow Shift, $245 at The only kind of watch I'd ever want is a vintage, oversized men's watch, exactly like this one. Girly watches just freak me out for some reason (I have a cellphone. Why do I need a watch?), and if I'm going to wear a watch, I'm going to wear a watch that makes a fashion statement. This Groton watch is so "I stole this from my boyfriend but it looks amazing on me," retro menswear fantastic. LOVE. And yes, that horn necklace is a little Mary Kate Olsen circa 2006, but I think 3 years is long enough for people to be able to wear those in public again, right? The jasper stone has such a cool pattern/texture. It looks like mold. In a good way. Oh, and that's a Prada shift. For less than $250. It's hard to tell, but it's navy blue, with gathering and a bowed sash at the waist. Very classic, very chic, very, very Prada.

Esteve Snake Skin Handbag, $25 at, Marc Jacobs Slouch Hat, $35 at, Classic Ray-Ban Aviators, currently $44 at Um, that's real snakeskin. For $25. And it's charcoal! Enough said. If you can work the jelly-bean beanie look (major jealous), that Marc Jacobs beanie is a great deal. And check out my favorite sunglasses ever. Ray-Ban aviators are, and will always be, sunglasses perfection. Mainly because they remind me of Tom Cruise in Top Gun. I miss when he was normal (and cute!).

Green John Lesnick Serigraph, currently $65 at, Sister Mary's Secret Trunk, currently $45 at, Copper and Turquoise Abstract, currently $45 at Housing Works also has some great home stuff as well. I have no idea what that green painting is of, but I like it. It's very Art Deco trippy. I have always wanted a steamer trunk, and $45 is seriously the cheapest I have ever seen one going for. Plus, the name makes me think it belonged to a nun--who has secrets--which kind of makes it the best thing ever. And that last painting has a serious Klimpt/Whistler vibe. It's the perfect kind of retro-luxe that would liven up any minimalist living room.

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