Wednesday, May 13, 2009

VMAN: Endless Summer

So I know that Maudie and I don't really do much (or anything) with men's fashion on Stella, mainly because we're both girls and have no boys to play dress-up Barbie with. For now, at least. My little brother should be very, very afraid. But we can definitely appreciate a well-styled outfit, regardless of the wearer's gender, and I've always been into menswear-inspired looks, which is why I'm posting these spreads from the next VMAN issue (a surprisingly awesome men's fashion mag), which hits stands Thursday. The kind folks over at Starworks emailed us these advance shots from VMAN's Endless Summer spread, which was shot by Cedric Buchet and styled by Jay Massacret, and shot somewhere fantastic that I must travel to immediately. If you recognize the models, that's because one of them is Boyd Holbrook (from Milk!) and the other, AJ Abualrub, was runner-up in VMAN's model search. Enjoy!

So the one (maybe two?) guys who read this can be directly inspired, but for the rest of us girls, I'm thinking that I must have some sherbert colored linen scarves now. I have a lilac one, and I wear it all the time (literally, four times a week), but the pale pink and turquoise blue scarves are calling to me. Pastels can come off as a little Easter/little girl-ish, but I think when tempered with the browns and khakis like they are here, pastels have a much chicer, almost exotic vibe. And can I just mention how the guy in that last shoot is working it hardcore while 99.99% covered in fabric? Damn. I'm jealous.

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