Monday, May 4, 2009

Models as Muses: the Met Gala

That's right, it's that time of year again. The Met Gala, Models as Muses style. There's a lot of good, some BAD, and some interesting. I don't want to spoil it, so enjoy!

The Good: Kate Beckinsale in Marchesa, Elizabeth Hurley in Elie Saab, Kate Bosworth in Stella McCartney. I have absolutely nothing to say about these three perfection. How does Elizabeth Hurley not age? My favorite is Kate Bosworth, though. Drop dead chic last, drop dead chic this year. Marion Cotillard in Dior, Eva Mendes in Calvin Klein (suprise, surprise), Ashley Olsen: a parade of simple, chic, stunning nude/neutral gorgeousness. Although, I seriously wish Eva Mendes would wear another label. Just once. Jessica Stam in Rodarte, Bee Schaffer in Nina Ricci, Agyness Deyn in Burberry. I love Jessica Stam and Bee Schaffer for wearing Rodarte and Nina Ricci. I feel like those brands don't get the red carpet attention they deserve. The boobage on Bee's dress is a little awkward, but she looks so great overall (being related to Anna kind of requires you to). But Agyness...I love the dress. A lot. But her makeup/hair stylists must hate her, because she does not do a convincing Marilyn Monroe impression, and should never, ever attempt that again. Ever. (But seriously, how cute is Twiggy?)

The Bad: Molly Sims must have fired Rachel Zoe, because she looks like C3PO's drag queen cousin. Emmy Rossum is doing herself a great disservice, and looks like a giant ball of frump. I understand that Leighton Meester is a natural blonde, I can't fault her for the hair, but WTF is she wearing? With matching leggings? WTF? Rachel Weisz did not just do that to a Vera Wang. First off, I thought she was Helena Bonham Carter (WTF is up with the lipstick? WHY?!) second, that dress is totally washing her out, and third, why is there a neon yellow underskirt? Kirsten Dunst, in Chanel as usual, looks frumpy and old, neither of which she is. Mary Kate Olsen looks like a pirate wench in Christian Lacroix Couture. Why can't she take some pointers from her sister? Winona Ryder looks like she sewed her own dress, badly, and feels very guilty about it (why is she there?). Shalom Harlow and Stella McCartney are both hilarious and entertaining, but they both look ridiculous. Really, really ridiculous. Blake Lively (Versace), Rose Byrne, and Anne Hathaway (Marc Jacobs) are one big pile of '80s rehash, and not in a fun way. I can't stand Blake's one sleeve, that slit is way too high, and she kind of looks like a drag queen there (and I know she's gorgeous, so it's not her fault). Rose Byrne just looks frazzled, like she got dragged out the door in the middle of getting ready by a pack of extras from some '80s pirate flick, and Anne Hathaway looks like a '60s Stepford wife who started doing cocaine and is living on the 'wild side.'

The Interesting/Tweakable/Speechless: Of course Madonna wore Louis Vuitton. It's Madonna, so the punky '80-ness I understand. I just wish she'd taken that thing out of her hair. Rachel Bilson is cute as a button, but with that dress (Bally) her hair is WAY to casual (and straight!) for the Met Gala. She should have put her hair up, and this would have been fab. Tyra, is, well, Tyra in Badgley Mischka, and all I have to say is that that is a lot of look. Maudie likes it, but the ruffles are eating her. And her hair looks like a hat. I admire that she's still working it, though. If the skirt on Emma Robert's Versace had been less of a bubble, I would have loved it. But it gives her giant hip disease where she clearly has no hips. The shoes and the train on her Louis Vuitton dress are keeping Posh from the good category. Let's face it, this is tame for her, and it could be cute. I love Andre's Isabel Toledo cape. That said, he is wearing a cape to a red carpet event. So, um, yeah. Enough said. Anna Wintour looks good in Chanel Haute Couture, but I just have the feeling that she could look a lot better. And that print is interesting...I like Kate's toga in theory, but her arm cape is bigger than she is, and she's wearing a coil of her toga material wrapped around her head. Marc, on the other hand, looks adorable. As for Rihanna, I love her to death. I get where she was going with this, and if the sleeves to her Dolce and Gabbana tux weren't gigantically puffy, and her hair wasn't done in a comb-over with orange stripes, I would have totally loved this.

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