Monday, May 18, 2009

Out of this World Chic

Sorry, couldn't resist a tiny pun in the title. Too easy. I'll admit, I saw Star Trek and liked it, but it does have (especially the original version), a bit of a geeky reputation. Which is why it's so refreshing to see Zoe Saldana, the one girl in that movie (seriously, Lawrence of Arabia syndrome) in some disgustingly chic outfits at the Star Trek premieres. It's almost a good thing she's pretty much the only girl in that movie, because she would put anyone else to shame. Girl has come a long way since Center Stage.

L.A. Premiere: Emilio Pucci dress, Brian Atwood pumps, Moscow Premiere: Jasmine Di Milo dress, Giambattista Valli pumps, London Premiere: all Alaia: can we just have a moment for the shoes? Um, wow. That Pucci dress is so hot, and it's got a bit of a Balmania vibe to it, which I love. Pucci is growing up! I like that instead of going for basic pumps with that statement dress, she chose a strong shoe. She's got guts. The sheer, geometric overlay on that Jasmine Di Milo dress is amahzing. Since there's so much detail in the dress itself, here a basic pump (albeit Giambattista Valli pumps) totally works. And that Alaia dress is so carefree and girly and swingy (and can you tell that I want it?), so the edgier shoes and dramatic earrings keep it from going overly sweet. I love how she keeps her hair down and loose--it keeps all those glam outfits from being overly dressy for a movie premiere.

Berlin Premiere: Prabal Gurung dress, Emilio Pucci pumps, Paris Premiere: Giambattista Valli dress, Fendi pumps, Madrid Premiere: Loewe dress, Jimmy Choo pumps: that one red dress in this sea of grey/black is such a statement. I love it! It's such a gorgeous, flirty dress, and it's anchored nicely by those strappy Pucci pumps. The dramatic shoulder bow, paired with that sleek mini dress, is so drop-dead chic. Girl can do no wrong. This Giambattista Valli dress is a bit more demure, but she spices it up with those Fendi peep-toes. Which are AMAHZING. This last look is definitely the most casual, but it doesn't come across as too low-key for the red carpet. It takes a great sense of personal style (or a great stylist) to look relaxed, but appropriate on the red carpet, and I think she pulls it off nicely.

The key here is that she's on-trend, with all the grey and the strong, sexy shoes, but the overall effect isn't overly trendly. That way she looks modern and current, but in six months or even a few years, she won't look dated. In a time where starlets are running around Hollywood pantsless and covered in Juicy Couture, Zoe Saldana is seriously refreshing.

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PS: I'm leaving you guys with this post to tide you over til Tuesday/Wednesday. Maudie and I are out of town until Tuesday night, so that means no posting. :(

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