Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Spotted: Kate Bosworth

So I saw Kate Bosworth at a horse show today. Yeah. It was weird. But she rides, so maybe it wasn't that weird. Elijah Wood was also there (now THAT was weird), and if anyone cares for some reason, he was wearing Diesel jeans, Frye boots, and a grey tee. Of course I look at the clothes first. :) But it was Kate Bosworth's outfit that really struck me. First off, yes, she's even prettier in person (and I know she can look emaciated on the red carpet, but she looks healthy in reality, I swear), and sporting a bit of a tan. She was wearing the Ray-Ban aviators (classic), these adorable cuffed, slightly baggy chambray shorts, and this amazing top. It was bright blue with white stripes, a little over-sized, with slightly dolman-esque sleeves that she pushed up, and a slit down the back (with a white tank underneath). I can't explain it--I have witnesses--but that top was amazing. It was simultaneously a little boyish, a little French, and a little nautical, but it didn't look designer. It looked vintage or Sonia Rykiel-inspired high-street. I've spent hours tracking it down, but I can't find it! I'm very upset right now. Out of all the tops I found, this Hussein Chayalan top below is the most like it (it's also like $800), but the sleeves were a little longer and not cuffed.

Petit Bateau Jersey Mariniere, $48 at petit-bateau.us, Nation Ltd. Key West Over-sized Striped Tee, $131 at nationltd.com, Jean Paul Gaultier, $56 at yoox.com: I'm really having troubles with the tops today. This top on the left picks up the sailor vibe nicely, and I like the relaxed lines of the slightly belled sleeves. That middle shirt gets the over-sized vibe, and it just looks so chic and airy. It's my favorite. The scoop neck and slight sheerness balance out the bagginess perfectly. This last top has a bit of a French vibe--maybe it's the French designer? :)--and I love the fitted shape. It's so slim and chic and...French! It has a scoop in the back, so you would show a little skin. So, if you like the sailor vibe, go with option #1, if you're more into the boyish, over-sized vibe, go with option #2, and if you're feeling a little French, there's option #3. Or you can shell out $800 for that Hussein Chayalan top (I mean, if you've got it...).

Elie Tahari Connie Shorts, $178 at shopbop.com, J. Crew Linen Beach Short, $49.50 at jcrew.com, Forever 21 Cuffed Linen Short, $19.90 at forever21.com: Her shorts looked exactly like a pair of Chloe shorts from about 2 seasons ago, but of course I can't find them now. Shape-wise, they look the most like the Elie Tahari shorts on the left, and they were exactly that length. It's the perfect mix between short-short and bermuda, right? They were a slightly thinner fabric, with a bit of pleating, though. For slightly cheaper options, these J. Crew and Forever21 shorts would work just as nicely. They have the same relaxed, slightly over-sized, chic vibe, and linen is such a nice shorts fabric. It wrinkles perfectly, but still looks pulled together, plus it's got that 'easy breezy summer' feeling.

Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses, $129 at shopbop.com, Foley and Corinna Classic City Tote in Dark Brown, $485 at revolveclothing.com, Joie Free Fallin' Thong Hurache Sandals, $245 at shopbop.com: She wore those exact Ray-Bans on the right, and I love them. If they worked on my face, I'd be wearing them right now. They're so old-school Top Gun (what happened to Tom Cruise?). I don't think she was wearing a bag, but I feel like she'd have a slouchy, earthy, but very simple brown leather bag. This Foley and Corinna is slightly vintage but modern at the same time, which is one of her trademarks,
plus it's really practical. I also didn't catch her shoes (stupid Megan!), but I think she'd wear some low-key, brown leather, woven sandals like these Joie huraches. They're a little "I picked these up at the flea market" but in a very refined way, and I think they'd ground the look nicely.

Now I'm seriously regretting not taking a picture. I didn't want to be the awkward one whipping out their cell and taking pics during someone's downtime, but....that top was so cute!

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