Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Model Style: Dree Hemingway

Yes, that Hemingway. She's Hemingway's (as in the writer Hemingway) great-granddaughter, so she kind of has to be fabulous by proxy, and she definitely measures up. Girl is not only a fantastic model, but has a great sense of personal style. And we share the same favorite designer--Alexander Wang. Love!

And I just realized we have the same natural hair color. Weird! Some people can work the half blonde/half brunette look, and I have to give her props for that. I want to steal the bottom left outfit straight off of her. That jacket is killing me. I need it. Her personal style is very pared down, and very simple, but she picks the right pieces, which is so, so, so important. She knows what flatters her body, and she sticks to a neutral palette with just a few colorful accents. That's a style mantra we can all look up to.

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