Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gossip Girl Style

Since most of you guys voted Gossip Girl your most fashion-inspiring show, and I definitely agree, I thought I'd pull together a few stills from Gossip Girl to remind us of why we love it, and to show all the haters (ahem, Maud) that even if you don't like the show itself, you can still watch it on mute for the pretty clothes. And yes, the wardrobe people and the cast have access to the cream of the crop of New York fashion, which is pretty unrealistic for the rest of us, but even if you can't afford the clothes, you can always get ideas from how they're put together. And I have to say, Gossip Girl's wardrobe dept. does a pretty fantastic job of putting outfits together, especially on the accessories front.

Blair has the whole, Audrey Hepburn UES look with a twist down pat, and Serena's got more of an edgy, Kate Moss vibe. What I love the most is their interpretation of their school uniforms. I don't even think they know what that uniform is anymore. The 5 minutes they spend at school once a month do give me the opportunity to drool over their fantastic coats, though. And can we just discuss the pale purple, feathery Marchesa gown Blake Lively's wearing up there? I die. Same with the purple dress/little leather jacket combo right below it. I'll take the Penn Badgley as man candy accessory as well. My favorite Blair look is either that Narcisco Rodriguez dress on the top left or the super ruffly blouse/pencil skirt in the middle--it has a Elizabethan neck ruff vibe to it, which would totally fail on anyone but Blair. This also reminds me: must get a pair of equestrian boots. To go with my pleated plaid skirt (just kidding!).

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