Wednesday, May 6, 2009

If I Had $2,000...

I've always had a soft spot for Marchesa--they do girly, goddess dresses so well! But, of course, there's no way I can afford their gowns, and it can be hard to track their stuff down online. Which is why I'm totally drooling over these two Marchesa gowns that just popped up on Net-A-Porter.

Notte by Marchesa Strapless Silk Ruffle Dress, $750 at, Chiffon Column Dress, $990 at

I realize that the pink dress isn't the most flattering, but seriously, look at the ruffles. Look! I think since it's so short and bare up top you could almost get away with that voluminous of a skirt, and it's so pretty! How could you not feel special wearing that? And by special, I mean like a fairy princess/Cinderella. If you've never wanted to feel like that even for two seconds, I don't think I can help you. Plus, the color is very on-trend for Fall '09 (hello, investment piece), and you just know that dress is well-made. I mean, the price is almost--almost--justified by how much detail and work goes into the ruffle layers of that skirt. And it would just be so darn fun to wear...sigh. The white column gown is more wearable in the long-term. White, one-shouldered gowns like that have been in since 500 BCE. I think they'll stick around for a few hundred years more. The flower detail and sheer panel at the thigh make this gown a little more goddess than toga, and add a nice dose of girliness to the classic silhouette. And that skirt would move so well...

So, neither of these is exactly a steal, but one, I can dream, and two, 2 Marchesa (well, Notte by Marchesa but still) gowns for under $1,000 is a good find, because these dresses would probably pay for themselves in the long run.

Image Sources:
Pink Marchesa:, White Marchesa:

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