Saturday, May 30, 2009

Alexander Wang and Vena Cava for Gap

So every year the nominees for the CFDA/Vogue Fund get to do a little capsule collection with Gap. Last year it was a bunch of designers (including Phillip Lim) and their take on the classic white button-up shirt. This year it's Alexander Wang and Vena Cava making basic khaki chic. The collections come out on June 16 in Gap stores, and features 7 total pieces (there are also 5 khaki bucket hats...which I'm ignoring for a good reason), 2 jackets, 2 dresses, 2 pants, and 1 pair of shorts. Here are the promo pics for the collections, with Alexander Wang's pieces first, then Vena Cava's pieces, and then a general promo shot with clothes from both designers.

Here's the fun stuff. These are the three Vena Cava pieces. I love the doodley, tribal/geometric black detailing. The zipper detail and the skyline-esque shape coming up from the bottom of the tank dress are really cute, wearable, and a little edgy, but I'm not feeling the shape of the dress. It's a little short with a high neckline, which isn't the most flattering cut at all, and it looks a little schlumpy around the middle. I like the second dress much, much better. The detail at the neckline is like wearing a fantastic statement necklace, without having to actually deal with a statement necklace. The boatneck is really flattering, it's a great mid-thigh length, and the cinching at the waist just makes it perfect. I feel like this is a really wearable, versatile (it's the ideal mix between casual, with the khaki, and dressy, with the neckline), investment-worthy piece, and I have no idea how much it costs, but it looks expensive. Although it's probably not, since it's Gap. I'm intrigued with those pants. I like the doodley, random details, very restrained punk, but they don't look at that flattering, even on the model above. I think if you went up a size (like Coco Rocha in the promo pic) and wore them a little baggy it would be adorable. With that cut, I'm reserving judgment until I see them in person.

My love of Alexander Wang is no secret. I could wear only his clothes for the rest of my life and be blissfully happy. Which is why I'm so excited about this slightly more realistic (than his usual fare) capsule collection. I want both of those jackets. The jacket on the left is such a cute take on the motorcycle jacket. It hits at a great spot on the hip, the cropped sleeves and tie details are perfect, and since it's khaki, it really will be a versatile wardrobe staple. That said, I think I like the cropped trench jacket even more. I know. Cropped trenches are such, such a chic outerwear option, very classic and just a little bit cheeky. The four buttons in the front are so cute, and the 3/4 length, zippered sleeves balance out the long body nicely. I just hope it hits above the butt, because jackets that continue on past the booty aren't flattering unless you weigh 90 pounds. Which is, ahem, not me. You'd have to be 90 pounds to wear those pants, though. Don't get me wrong, they're a very on-trend, cute shape, with the pleating and cropped length, and they've got a bit of a jodphur vibe (reminds me of Balenciaga's fall collection two years ago. Best. Collection. Ever.). Pleating adds a lot of volume, though, so unless you are hipless with a straight as a plank figure and need pleats to give you some sort of curve, stay away from pleating at the hip in a pant. Not pretty. The pleating in the shorts works though, because the shorts have an a-line shape. Since they flare away from the leg, it looks like it's the shorts that have the volume, and not your hips, whereas pleating on the hip with a slim leg (like in the pants) makes it look like you have the volume.

All in all, this is some pretty chic stuff for Gap! I'm very impressed, and I will definitely be camping out June 16. Will you?

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