Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tracy Feith for Target

Like I promised, Maudie and I hit up Target bright and early this morning (as in 10 o'clock. Mornings are hard). I'm 99.99% sure that our Target started putting the Tracy Feith stuff out last night, which is great for late night shoppers but sucks for the people who come in the next morning to find all the normal sizes gone. It wasn't that bad, but still. In terms of quality, I think this is the nicest Go collection so far. Almost everything is lined, hems are finished with ribbon, there are some great zipper details, and strapless dresses actually have boning! The sizing seems normal to me (I wear between a 4 and a 6, and in this line I was a 5), but Maudie thought it ran small in the chest, so I'd recommend trying the clothes on in-store just to be sure. I didn't try on everything, but basically all the stuff I didn't photograph was really, really ugly. There was a lot of cute in this collection, but also a lot of not cute. The swimwear was particularly disappointing. It just looked cheap. Even cheaper than the regular Target swimwear. But there was still a lot of good stuff, so keep reading!

Here it is: the legendary little leather jacket. It's about $140 at, and it's already sold out. At 10 AM this morning, there was only one jacket in the entire Target, and it was a small (which fit me nicely, if that helps with the sizing at all). I really like it. It has an adorable, really nice floral lining, it's 100% pig leather, and has a bunch of hardware. It's definitely cropped, and shorter in the back than the front, with 3/4 lenth sleeves. Personally, I hate the little belt thing at the bottom (it looks so cheap!), but you can take (or cut) it off. It's just a darn cute jacket, and a serious, serious steal for $140. I didn't get it because it's still $140 (and I am perpetually broke), and I like my motorcycle jackets with slightly shorter sleeves and longer bodies. That said, I am damn picky about jackets, and I give this one a thumbs up. Run, don't walk, to your local Target for this one. (Don't you love my super-concentrated facial expression in the last picture? Getting good pics on my camera without flash is HARD).

Maudie got this skirt. I was surprised at how weighty the fabric is--it's like a really thick linen, and it definitely feels expensive. It's a flattering shape and a really wearable length, and I even like the leaf pattern. This seemed to run true to size, and I would have gotten it, but I have nothing in my wardrobe that goes with the color palette of this skirt. My closet is like grey/blue/purple central. Not happening.

This dress was, um, festive. It's actually strapless (the black straps are my bra), and it has actual boning! That's a big deal for Target. There's a long, exposed gold zipper down the back, which was a nice, on-trend touch, and the skirt has a nice swing to it. I'd say this ran a little small (like one size), but it was really comfy. If you like attention-grabbing patterns, definitely go for this. The tribal vibe of the patterns is also totally on-trend.

Maudie also got this dress (I'm holding it in the back because they didn't have my size, that's why it fits funky). This dress runs true to size, for me at least, and I think it's really cute. The juxtaposition of the white ruffles and exposed zipper is a nice contrast, and it's very comfy. I just wish they'd put a lining in the bodice. It's a little thin/sheer.

This is also strapless (again, lazy Megan and her bra straps), and I'm going to go out on a limb and call this the sleeper hit of the collection. It's an adorable LBD, with a sweetheart neckline, boning, a gold exposed zipper most of the way down the back with a big zipper pull (for a nice amount of edge), and the a-line skirt is just wide enough to be very flattering. It's a great length, somewhere between mini and knee-length, and it seriously looks like it costs much more than $44.99. I kind of wish I bought it now...It does run about a size small, but seriously, a killer, classic LBD for less than $50? Who cares if you have to go up a size?

That left dress also comes in black/white, and I have to say, it's the devil. The fabric is really thick and not at all stretchy, so it's not very comfortable at all, and it's disgustingly unflattering. It adds 20 pounds to me, it's not cute, and honestly, I wouldn't even bother trying it on if I were you. It's not worth the 2 minutes it takes to get on. That right dress is what I ended up going home with. It's the same as the white dress above, but in cobalt blue (my fav!). I like it because it's a little edgy on top, but sweet on the bottom, it's flattering, and it's just a fun dress. I added the belt. Can we just compare how much more flattering the blue dress is compared to the floral dress? It's the same day. Seriously? Seriously? Ugh.

So, in conclusion, go to Target. Really. Now. For classic pieces, I recommend the LBD and the motorcycle jacket, and for a bit of summeryness, I'd go for the blue or white dresses or the strapless, printed dress.

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