Friday, May 8, 2009

Shopping the Singer22 Sale

Singer22 is always reliable for celebrity-inspired fashion. Their site might be a pain to navigate, but they have a huge selection and tons of pictures. But since they do mainly clothes celebs were spotted in or clothes celebs would be spotted in, their stock tends to be on the expensive side. Which is why I get so excited when they have a sale! There's a ton of stuff on sale right now, and here are my top picks.

Monrow Crocodile V-Neck Tee, down from $115 at $59 at, YAYA Aflalo Infinite Scarf, down from $185 to $99 at, Love by YAYA Davidson Jacket, down from $245 to $123 at Rachel Bilson can do no wrong, and neither can Monrow. I'm in love with this black v-neck, and the adorable crocodile/tie dye-esque print acts like a gorgeous statement necklace around the shoulders. Very urban hippie-chic. Circle scarves are going to be big next fall, and I've been crushing on this one for awhile now. The thin stripes add a layer of visual interest to any basic outfit, and it just looks so warm and cozy. I want to hug it! Motorcycle jackets are always a classic, and this one looks so comfy. It comes in black too, and I like the contrast of the longer sleeves and croppped body.

Love by YAYA Eve Strapless Dress, down from $205 to $138.60 at, Haute Hippie Suntan Silk Groom Dress, down from $625 to $375 at, Mike & Chris Mitchell Nylon Trench Coat, down from $398 to $199 at I legit almost bought this dress for prom. It has a bit of a tuxedo vibe, with the notched neckline, and it's made out of stretchy cotton jersey. Aka it's the formal dress equivalent of a sweatshirt. It's no secret that I love Haute Hippie, and this dress is no exception. The nude shade is a big Spring/Fall trend, the gold sequins keep you from looking, well, naked, and the racerback tank shape is elegant and relaxed at the same time. And that trench is adorable! It's definitely waterproof, so it's the perfect option for warmer, rainy climates. I mean, that would be the cutest raincoat ever.

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