Saturday, May 16, 2009

How to: Tease Your Hair

So this weekend is going to be a little light on the posting side, since Maudie and I have prom tonight, but we will be checking out the Tracy Feith for Target collection sometime this weekend, so get excited about that. Before I leave you guys to fend for yourselves (sorry!), I wanted to leave you with this little tutorial on how to tease your hair. Which is totally relevant, because I'm going to attempt to tease mine tonight. It seems like the best way to get un-flattenable volume that will last all night that doesn't require 340934 bottles of hairspray (I. hate. hairspray).

Disclaimer: if you have thin, fine, or easily breakable hair, I wouldn't recommend this. Teasing is basically building knots in your hair to hold a specific structure, and eventually, you've have to comb those knots out, which could be hell on fragile hair.

You'll need:
A fine-tooth comb
Spray/leave-in conditioner (optional, but this makes it easier to comb knots out)
Hairspray (also optional)
An elastic band

There are two ways to do this. You can either tease all the hair in a specific area (like your crown), and then try to comb over the teased sections to make them look presentable, or you can tease underneath the top layer of your hair, so that bottom sections are teased but the top section remains smooth. I personally like the second version, because it's a lot easier in the long run, and I'm lazy. The instructions below are how to do this my way, with the top layer left smooth.

Take the elastic band, and gather the thin, top layer of hair from the areas you want to tease, and put it up in a little ponytail to keep it out of the way. Then, grab a thin, about 2-inch wide section of hair from the area you want to tease (I'd start with the crown), and hold it straight up in the air, vertically. Take the comb, and place it in the upright section of hair about 3 inches above the scalp, and pull the comb directly down to the scalp. Remove the comb and replace it about 3 inches above the scalp, and brush down again (you have to remove the comb to move it back up, you can't just move the comb up and down on the same strand of hair, as that will undo the knots). Repeat until you have about 3 inches of knots. Your hair should pretty much be sticking straight up. Spray it with hairspray if you want extra hold, and then move on to the next section of hair, and repeat the teasing process. Once you look like an alien, and you've teased all the hair you want, start to sculpt the teased sections into the shape you want. You may have to brush them out a bit. Once the teased sections are the right shape, undo the ponytail of the top layer of hair, and smooth that over the teased sections. Keep sculpting until you get the shape that you want.

If that doesn't make sense, or if you're an especially visual person, check out these two YouTube videos: Video 1, Video 2.

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