Friday, July 2, 2010

Long Post, Mostly Full of Random (and Pigment!)

Well, I saw Eclipse.  I want to say that it's better than the previous two films, but I feel like that really says nothing.  I'm not a film critic, I was entertained, that's enough.  I will say that I feel like if they cut down on the annoying/pointless/mopey dialogue the film would be a million times better, but there was a lot of the characters making fun of themselves/the actors that was fun (like Taylor Lautner telling RPattz "I'm so much hotter than you" and it being actually true for once).  Is it just me, or does RPattz look a little squishy in the facial area?  Which wasn't helped by how they caked on the pale foundation and you could literally see his stubble trying to grow through it.  Ack.  Kristen Stewart looked pretty, and I liked how they kept her hair and makeup consistent with Film 1 (she's totally wearing the same eyeshadow, MAC's Wedge), but her extensions and butchered eyebrows were a little distracting.  Whatevs.  For $12, it's an entertaining way to spend 2+ hours.

7 For All Mankind Flynt Jeans: So this is crazy random, but I can't believe I haven't posted these jeans before.  I got them on eBay in a darker/brighter wash in April, and they're in 7's heavier fabric--so sturdy, but with a good bit of stretch.  They're basically my favorite jeans cut ever.  They're like a modified bootcut, because they have the same flare out at the bottom, but they're much skinnier until just under the knee, so they emphasize the thinness of your legs but are just as flattering as a bootcut.  If 7 didn't seem to be discontinuing these and made them in a bank account would be in the red.  Either way, I seriously recommend tracking down a pair of these on eBay.  I'll say it again--SO flattering. 

McQueen Resort 2011: This is the first season of McQueen sans McQueen, with Sarah Burton at the helm ( fitting), and while I don't think she can ever be McQueen, not that I want her to, she's produced some pretty fab pieces.  These two dresses...wowza.  The gown on the left is very sci-fi vampire princess, but in a strangely elegant way, and the dress on the right is like Rodarte meets Marchesa, a sort of deconstructed, eerie prettiness.  

MUFE Aqua Cream Shadows, $22 at So I finally, finally made it to Sephora to swatch these new MUFE cream shadows, and OMG guys.  OMG.  They are so fluffy (consistency of whipped cream, I kid you not) and pigmented, and easy to work with, and full to the brim with shimmery fire.  I stood there for a good five minutes just staring at my hands and the swatches.  My personal favorite is #13, which you can see swatches of here, which is fab because it manages to come across as an insanely sparkling, warm champagne that's not frosty at all, which Stila's Kitten can be at times.  These MUFE creams are about $104/oz, and the Stila Smudge Pots are about $142/oz.  MUFE's creams are clearly a better deal, and the lasting power seems comparable.  I think I'm going to try #13 as my new shimmery base.  I really can't convey how darn sparkly it is!  Age appropriateness be darned, I want my sparkles.

MAC Vanilla Pigment, $19.50 at MAC: Right before I saw Eclipse, I actually got this super sparkly MAC pigment (sparkly coincidence not intended but sort of hilarious because I watched into the theater literally covered in shimmer).  I've been meaning to get a pigment for a while, because I love how versatile they sound.  You can use them as shadows, highlights, blushes, bronzers, add them to lip gloss or nail polish, etc.  I knew the new bottles were small, but dang.  That little bottle is TINY.  However, Vanilla packs such a shimmery punch that I think it'll last a long time.  Vanilla is basically a white pigment (not off-white, but not a stark white) with a ton of gold reflects shimmer/sheen.  It doesn't come across as chunky or frosty, the shimmer is really subtle, and since it has a whitish base it's a great way to add shimmer without color.  I used it on my inner corners, cheekbones, and on my browbone.  It lasted all day on my cheeks and browbone, and gave such a gorgeous, but not over the top, glow.  It didn't last as long on my eyes, but I think that might be because I applied my base to wet lids this morning and forgot to use my other sparkly base on top (I'm such a morning person, can't you tell), so my eyeshadow creased like crazy today.  Hmph.  But I'm gonna assume to it will be as fab on my eyes as it was everywhere else when I use it right.  My next idea: mixing it into a vampy shadow for a hint of a golden sheen.  Gorge.

Emmakisstina prints: Louboutin Pair, $12 at, Chanel Lover, $12 at Etsy is seriously becoming my go-to for fashion-related prints.  How hot are those patent Louboutins?  But I'm really partial to the lineup of Chanel bottles.  It's a little Pop Art, a little vintage, and a whole lot chic.  A cluster of these on an accent wall would be SO CUTE.

Danny Roberts prints: My Girl Wears Chanel, $30 at, Lady Lace, $30 at For slightly artsier/more dramatic prints, Danny Roberts features gorgeous, ethereal girls in designer gowns, like Chanel and Valentino here.  I love how these girls look so waif-like and almost lost, but in such a confident way.  That made no sense, but you get where I'm going with that.

Karlie Kloss for Dior Fall 2010: I don't think I've ever seen an afro look as vampire chic as it does here on Karlie Kloss.  Girl works those arched eyebrows like no one I've seen.  The styling is spot on, it's moody without being too dark or brooding, and has just a hint of mystery.  Bravo, girl.

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  1. Eclipse bored the crap out of me. I don't find Rob or Taylor hot, so when you take that out of the equation, their acting is just boring to me. KStew was better, but I kept staring at her jacked eyebrows. I loved Bryce & Xavier though! I wanted the whole movie to be just them, and then I wanted them to go back in time and never cast Rachelle (I always felt that she was forcing the "evil" and it just didn't work for me). All in all, I was wildly underwhelmed, but always perked up for Victoria & Riley. Oh, and was it just me or did Dakota Fanning seem soooo uninterested in being in the movie?!?!!?!

    Vanilla pigment is the It's my go-to for inner corners. If you want to look for some good colors in the old big jars, look for a CCO near you. or something is the site, then just search for "cosmetics company." ;)

  2. Thanks Chyme!

    Sarah--Haha well all of my favorite movies have Cary Grant in them and I didn't want to rain on the Twilight-loving parade, but yeah, it wasn't great. OMG it wasn't just me about the eyebrows??? Good lol. Bryce Dallas Howard was just hilarious. When she started growling--oh dear. Riley was cute though! Dakota Fanning totally phoned it in. If I was her or Anna Kendrick in that B-list movie, I would have gone totally over the top.

    There's a CCO about an hour or two away :( but I think I might head up next weekend! I really want the old pigments



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