Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Cravings

Friday means random, mainly because my brain is fried and I spent way too much time last night watching the Jersey Shore premiere (love hate) and not enough time sleeping (boo).  Here are some random lovely bits and bobs to help you through the last stretch until the weekend.

Soft Joie Bowie Top, $78 at, Hunter Boots Grizzly Cuff Welly Socks, $40 at, Chloe Brunelle Sunglasses, $285 at I'm one of those weird people who will wear a sundress and get all gussied up to go to the grocery store, but when it comes to what I wear at home, I am a total slob.  I try to look cute, but the main priority is 100% cozy.  So when cute and cozy happen to coincide in a certain slouchy, Frenchie striped, pocket tee, I'm a happy camper.  I really like this tee because it's just oversized enough to be comfy and casual, but not so big that it overwhelms your torso and veers into fugland.  The stripes add a bit of French girl pep, and the 3/4 length sleeves are perfect, as they disguise any upper arm issues (which do not make for happy cozy time) but aren't as hot or bulky as long sleeves.  I can't even begin to tell you how happy these socks make me.  I have black Hunter rainboots that I got for the rain/snow at school in Boston, and while I'm really happy that I got black because they go with everything, sometimes I wish they were a bit more snazzy.  Enter these faux fur welly socks.  The fur folds over the top of the Hunters so that you get a bit of casual-glam and the little Hunter label still shows up, for all my fellow label whores.  I know, I know, I just got a pair of sunglasses.  But in my theoretical world where I can afford multiple pairs of designer sunglasses, I'd also pick up these.  They combine oversized and square really nicely, which is super flattering for round faces like mine, and they manage to look somehow both really modern and slightly retro.

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