Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Review: MAC Carbon

I bought this a few days ago and totally forgot to review it.  Whoops!  It's MAC's Carbon shadow, which is a black matte shadow from their permanent line, and it's $14.50 on the MAC website.

Sorry for the smudge, I'm a little messy.

So, the polish.  As y'all can see, it's not crazy pigmented.  It's not the least pigmented MAC shadow I've had, but it's definitely not as good as my other mattes, like Wedge.  I think that's my biggest negative about this shadow.  On the plus side, it really is a jet black, and the lasting power is good, very standard MAC.  I've been using it on my lower lash line (I usually do gel liner on the upper lash line and lower waterline, and then I smudge some of Carbon on the lower lash line to balance it all out).  It blends fairly easily, but it does tend to turn gray when you blend it out, which does make sense technically, but can be a little annoying.  Overall, though, I really like it.  I needed a black shadow, this does the job, and I think it'll really add punch to my smokey eyes.  I feel like when you layer on brown to get a smokey effect, it can really make you just look tired, whereas with black you need much less shadow for much more impact.

Awkward Chic rating: B+.  Some points taken off for the low pigmentation, but overall it's a solid product.

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