Saturday, July 24, 2010

Changing Tides?

I thought that the casting of Victoria's Secret models/models with actual bodies in the Louis Vuitton fall show, and the following Louis Vuitton ad campaigns might just be an isolated fab.  But Lara Stone, Miranda Kerr, and the like have been snatching up high fashion campaigns left and right since February. 

This latest example I find particularly fascinating because it comes from such a high fashion, modern brand: Jil Sander.  When I think Jil Sander, I do not think curves at all.  But the latest model in the Jil Sander campaign is Miranda Kerr.  It's hard to even tell that it's her, but it definitely is.  Sidenote: girl just married Orlando Bloom!  Major props on locking that down.

Doesn't she look kind of fab?  I think that when you aren't distracted by the obviously protruding bones it's much easier to focus on the actual clothes.

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