Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pink, Pink, Red, and More Pink

My main summer job is working as a hostess at a, ahem, less than busy restaurant, which leaves me with plenty of time standing at that hostess stand and staring off into space.  So I end up daydreaming a lot, and in true nerdy Megan fashion, most of those daydreams are about clothes.  I wish I was joking, but I'm really not.  Here's the latest little ensemble that I've come up with:

Forever 21 Silky Floral Dress, $24.90 at, BARLOW Leather Moto Jacket, $799 at, J. Crew Distressed Leather Denim Belt, $48 at I don't own a single piece of red clothing, or orange or yellow, for that matter.  I've avoided those warm colors for years because I've always had a lot of pink in my skin, and I felt like wearing red just made me look redder.  But the skin has calmed down and since I just realized that I have red hair (supposedly), I'm coming to terms with the fact that red might not be the devil.  The first red thing I want to buy?  A sundress.  Shocker, I know.  I'm pretty much collecting sundresses this summer.  I realize that this dress looks meh in the picture, but I tried it on at Forever 21, and it's much cuter in person, especially on someone with actual curves to fill it out.  It's sweet and summery, but a little sassy at the same time.  I'd put this brown leather jacket on top.  I'm developing a serious thing for brown leather jackets.  They have all the sporty edge of a black leather jacket, but are a little softer and less in your face.  Plus, I hate black and red together.  It's way too Hot Topic for me.  The leather jacket adds some weight to that floaty sundress, but the cropped sleeves and body keep it from being too overpowering.  And the idea of pairing a $25 dress with a $800 jacket is just too funny to pass up.  I'd top it off with this J. Crew leather belt.  The casual masculinity of it tones down the girliness of the dress, but since it's brown it won't compete with the leather jacket or the floral print.

MAC Cranberry Shadow, NARS Rajasthan Duo: This video has totally got me craving pink eyeshadow.  When done right, it can make green eyes pop without making you look like you have pink eye.  I'm torn between Cranberry, which is more of a burgundy but in the same vein as pink, and Perky (which you can see here), which is more of a strawberry pink.  Perky is so girly, but Cranberry is so just to top it all off, I NEED this NARS shadow duo.  It's called Rajasthan, and it's from the fall collection that drops July 15.  It features a "glazed almond and cool charcoal" and swatches more like a deep grey with blue shimmer and a golden, taupey brown.  I'm not usually a fan of shadow duos just because I hate being constrained by only two colors, but this seems like a great deal.  I have one NARS shadow that's not even half way used up and I've had it three years (unsanitary, I know).  You get a LOT of shadow for your dollar.  I'd wear the brown across the lid  and the grey in the crease and along the lashline for the perfect summertime smokey eye.  That warm-cool color combination is really getting to me.  Gosh darn it.

Tallulah Tu: Enamel Serpent Crystal Bangle in the style of Roberto Cavalli, 16 euros at, Multi-stone Statement Necklace in the style of Lanvin, 24 euros at, Gold Crystal Serpent Ring in the style of Lanvin, 14 euros at I find this Tallulah Tu website hilarious.  The fact that they have so much jewelry "in the style of XYZ designer" and haven't been sued yet is impressive.  It is cute jewelry, to be fair.  You guys know I have a thing for animal jewelry, and these snake pieces are so chic.  The ring is a really elegant take on the oversized, knuckle-brushing ring, and the bangle just looks so deadly and polished.  Plus, that hinge in the back means that it's a bangle that won't be a pain to wear!  That 'Lanvin' necklace is my favorite piece.  They really got that spot on.  It's a little tribal, a little Art Deco, and a whole lot of chic.  Pairing that with a plain white tee would be perfection.

Alexander Wang Darcy Slouchy Hobo, $850 at I like the Alexander Wang theme of doing simple, clean bags with that explosion of gold studs on the bottom.  This bag is very minimalist chic, the sort of perfect basic piece that you could use everyday, big without being bulky, sturdy without being too boring, and then when you look at the bottom--BAM!  Edgy awesomeness.  It's like wearing scandalous lingerie under a suit.  But more appropriate to do in public.

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  1. I found a pretty good dupe for MAC Cranberry! NYX Rust. ;) I want Perky so bad, I'm kicking myself for not buying it when it came out.

  2. Ooh that is a good dupe! Is the NYX shadow quality decent? I've never tried them. Perky is still available on the website! Yay for enabling :)



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