Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Who Doesn't Want A Splash of Grenadine?

WARNING:  Nail polish porn lies ahead.

Here's a crappy but interesting swatch of OPI's Cajun Shrimp and Essie's Vermillionaire next to each other.  They're not half as similar as I expected them to be!  Cajun Shrimp is much warmer and more coral, whereas Vermillionaire is much more of a vibrant orange.  Just for all of the other OCD nail polish addicts who were wondering.  :)

I would normally have put this polish, Essie's Splash of Grenadine, on my toes, but since that space is currently occupied by said orange polish, it's on my fingernails.  I know my manicure's all bumpy, something's up with my topcoat/basecoat combo.  Does anyone have any top/base coats that they love to recommend?  I'm like Goldilocks, none of them are working for me.  PS: this is my first attempt to do a legit blogger nail polish shot.  Not terrible, huh?

Splash of Grenadine, like I said yesterday, is totally fab in the bottle and even better on my fingers.  It manages to fun and girly without ever being childish or twee.  It really reminds me of the '60s, with it's updated/mod pastel hue.  I'd describe it as a very pinky lavender.  As for the polish quality, I'll never get used to Essie's small brushes, but this formula is what I'd call a 'better Essie'--you only need two coats, as it goes on pretty opaque.  Some of my Essie's need four!  Total pain in the butt, but this is a dream to work with.


  1. For basecoat I use either Nail Gripper (at Sally Beauty Supply) or CND Stickey. Same deal with both, I just happen to be a polish ho0r and got 2 that did the same thing. Bleh. On my toes, I use Seche Vite as a topcoat, but I find that too gloopy for my fingers, so on those I use Essie To Dry For right now! 0 bubbles in the last year.

  2. I've been through two bottles of Seche Vite and it's sooo shiny but it gets so gloopy and gross towards the end of the bottle, so I stopped buying it. I've heard good thing about CND stickey before...maybe I'll try that out! I've never heard of To Try For before. Oh Essie and their adorable names. :)

  3. I think Seche is overpriced, so I only buy it when it's on 50% off at CVS, lol! I usually find that when it gets gloopy, a bit of lacquer thinner whips it back into shape! Stickey is the ;)



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