Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Do Want

Hello and welcome back to another episode of things Megan wants today.  She may even buy one of them--oh, the insanity!

Mason by Michelle Mason Open Shoulder Dress, $320 at, DVF Garbo Day Bag, $625 at I've had this dress bookmarked for almost a week now.  That's love.  I think my favorite part about it is the sleeve construction.  That sort of sleeve is perfect, because it shows skin and highlights your shoulders in a really flattering way BUT it totally hides any tricep naughtiness that may be going on, instantly making your arms look fabulous and Michelle Obama-like.  Add that to the loose, but not oversized cut and the sexy cutouts in the back, and you have the makings of a totally flattering, casually hot LBD.  All it needs is a little waist-cinching belt, maybe one with a bit of sparkle, and you're good to go.  In all honesty, I never thought I'd fall for a zebra/wood-grain print bag.  I'm all about basics!  Not $600 animal print accessories (actually that's a total lie).  But this bag is just so charming.  I love how the neutral color palette balances out the fact that it is in fact zebra print, and how the beading at the edges adds just a hint of rock and roll glam, and how the classic, boxy satchel shape counteracts all of that to make it a really practical, wearable piece.  If you're looking for a fun bag that you can really wear all the time, this is your guy/purse/thing.  Oh, words.  How you fail me sometimes.

BCBG Print One Shoulder Dress, $348 at, Delia's Triangle Halter One-Piece, $29.50 at The cut of this BCBG dress really reminds me of the Resort 2010 Lanvin dresses, with the drapey silhouettes and one-shoulder sleeves.  Obviously, this version is significantly more affordable, and it comes in a fun, festive print with little ruffles!  So cute.  The really great thing about this sort of cut is that it manages to accentuate your curves without hugging them too tightly, and basically makes your body look fab.  Now, as for the thing I actually ended up buying, yes, it's from Delias.  I feel like a 13 year old right now.  The thing is, I'm going to Hawaii with my mom in a few weeks, and I literally own 0 complete swimsuits.  I have half of one and half of another, and no, sadly, they really don't go together.  I really never go to the beach or even go swimming, so I don't want to spend a lot of money on a swimsuit, but I don't want an ugly one, and I really wanted a one piece.  I like this version because it comes in black (black and navy are my go to beach colors, yes, I am that boring), in long and regular torso sizes, and it has ties at the hips!  The problem for me with one pieces is that they are made for people with normal hips, not wide Megan hips, and even if I lost 30 pounds, they would still cut into my thighs.  This suit is at least mildly adjustable for minimal thigh-mutilating, and is the perfect canvas for all the ridiculous beach accessories I plan to throw on top of it.  Win-win!

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