Friday, July 30, 2010

Inspired by: Sophia Loren

When I look to Hollywood for fashion inspiration, 9 times out of 10 I turn to Old Hollywood stars.  Their looks are so pulled together and polished, and I love how they celebrated curvier, more hourglassy body types.  Of course, the epitome of retro and hourglass is Sophia Loren, so I thought it would be a fun Friday-get-me-through-to-the-weekend pick-me-up to have a little Sophia inspired fashion moment.

Eyelet Corset Top, $58 at, Forever 21 Belted Linen Skirt, $15.80 at I know I just posted this top, but it was the best bustier/cami I could find for this look.  Sophia almost always played up her torso with a bustier-inspired top, and I wanted one that wasn't too over the top or slutty.  I like this one because it comes in white eyelet, which is very refreshing and summery, and also balances out the inherent sexiness of the cut.  I'd pair it with a navy, a-line skirt like this one.   The Sophia look generally has either a pencil skirt or an a-line (hello, '50s in Italy.  Gorge), and I think an a-line skirt is a bit more summery, so that's what I went for here.  I like the contrast between the white and the navy, the fitted top and more voluminous skirt--it's all very crisp and pulled together, but not at all stiff.  The bow on the skirt draws the eye down to your waist, creating an instant hourglass silhouette.  I'd top this off with some black liquid liner and a pair of little gold hoops.

Plenty by Tracy Reese Bustier Dress, $175 at, Paloma Barcelo Amaya Wedge Sandals, $295 at If you want a much more modern take on her look, I'd go for this fitted bustier dress in a fun print.  It still has the body conscious, lingerie-inspired vibe that Sophia favored, but the black/neon/angry flower print is very of the moment.  I really love how the print is so wild and in your face, and the dress is very simple and structured.  It's a nice balance.  I think this dress would look even better on someone with actual curves than the model here, and $175 is a total steal for something Tracy Reese.  With either of these looks, I'd go for an espadrille.  These just scream retro Italian film vixen, no?  The scarlett adds a nice pop of color, and these manage to walk that line between vintage inspired and modern very nicely.  That ankle strap is so '50s, it kills me.

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