Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sparkly Nail Polish and Tiaras (Barbie Would Be Proud)

I've officially been to four different froyo places in the last week!  Four!  I feel like this must be a California thing.  We're starting to have more froyo places than Starbucks, which I have mixed feelings about.  Then again, when it's ONE HUNDRED DEGREES outside, like it was today, maybe froyo's not such a bad thing, huh?  Anywho, on to the actual semi-relevant stuff.

Clemence Poesy and Ed Westwick: Clemence Poesy and Gossip Girl seems like a seriously winning combination.  I don't really understand why she'd want to be on Gossip Girl, but she's so fab and chic that I'm not gonna question it.  I think she brings a breath of fresh air to a show whose starring characters are sequins, leather, sequins, Blake Lively's legs, and Blake Lively's cleavage.  That trench is so Parisian chic, and I love how simple her outfit is.  I'm just confused as to why Chuck Bass is masquerading as an extra from Newsies.  I mean, really, what's going on there?

Lauren Conrad and Stephanie Pratt: The Hills is finally over!  FINALLY.  Don't get me wrong, I liked the first few seasons, but it went downhill with Heidi's plastic surgery.  I give Lauren Conrad props for getting off the show when she could.  Just look at the difference between her and Stephanie Pratt.  Lauren is all smiles and secret "I'm a genius for getting my life back and still making money", whereas Stephanie is all awkward tan and painfully straight hair and generic bandage dress.  Who looks happier here?  Also, LC's dress is kind of fab, no?

Marion Cotillard: I feel like Marion Cotillard being gorgeous is kind of standard.  It seems like she wakes up glowing, for crying out loud.  I'm particularly feeling this eye makeup look.  It seems like she has a rosey, shimmery base across the lid, with black liner on the lash and water lines, and a hint of navy smudged into the lash line.  I think it's the combo of the warm, shimmery base that's really girly, and the slightly edgier liner that really makes it work.  I'm definitely trying this out tomorrow.

MAC Nail Trend for Fall 2010: This MAC nail polish collection looks AWESOME.  The colors are Earthly Harmony, muted taupe with copper shimmer, Imperial Flower, bright reddish orange with orange and red shimmer, Ming Blue, cobalt blue with gold and red shimmer, Jade Dragon, emerald green with teal shimmer, Concubine, blackened red with red shimmer, and Rain of Flowers, blackened violet with violet shimmer.  Ming Blue, Jade Dragon, and Earthly Harmony are fun, but so similar to stuff I already own.  But Imperial Flower, Concubine, and Rain of Flowers are gorgeous.  Concubine looks like a fun, edgy polish that's a refreshing alternative from a slightly ugly greige or a typical vampy color.  There's something a little off about it that makes it really intriguing.  Rain of Flowers is such a gorgeous, deep purple, and I love that it's still vibrant and has a good amount of shimmer to keep it from being a flat, dark purple.  Concubine is my favorite.  I mean, one, it's called Concubine.  Hello there.  Two, it's a really interesting color that's both girly and a little rock and roll, and blackened red with red shimmer sounds to die for.

Alice + Olivia Decia Dress, $365 at, Rachel Gilbert Gown, $1,170 at, Louis Mariette Crystal Tiara, $345 at This Alice + Olivia dress is so perfect for summer.  It's a light chiffon, so it's breezy and easy to wear, and the cut manages to walk that line between sexy and too skimpy.  I really like that it's a little asymmetrical, and is a bit Grecian but also a bit salsa dancing inspired.  It's a fun new take on the summer white dress.  The thing that kills me about Net-A-Porter is all the red carpet gowns for sale.  So close, and yet so far.  This gown is another example of that.  The a-line chiffon skirt is crazy flattering, the pailette-encrusted bodice is edgy-glam at its best, and the cutouts at the bodice inject a handful of sex appeal and bondage-inspiration.  That is one hot black gown, and that's not something I say often.  Oh yeah, and that last thing?  It's a tiara.  They have tiaras for sale now.  I have no idea what you'd wear a tiara too, but if I had money to burn I'd totally get one just to wear around the house.  Wearing a tiara and...doing dishes.  Wearing a tiara and...watching True Blood.  Yep, sounds about right.

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