Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Today's Cravings

I'm trying very, very hard to contain the random, but a little bit of it escapes every now and then.  Here are today's random cravings, enjoy!

MINKPINK Waisting Awayt Dress, $65 at Disclaimer: I am not a maxi-dress girl.  I'm tall looking enough already, and have a short torso and wide hips, neither of which work all so well with maxi dresses, so I'm a little prejudiced against them.   But this maxi dress from MINKPINK is seriously, seriously fab.  First off, it's black, so it stops all those hippie associations in their tracks, and would work equally well in summer and winter.  Second, it has those fab hip cutouts (does anyone else think they should be like three inches higher?  Whatever).  They add so much edge and modernity to a silhouette that's more associated with 2004 than 2010, and they're pretty darn hot.  I'd wear this in the summer with some interesting, flat sandals, a long statement necklace, and maybe a bold ring to draw the eye down to those cutouts.

Nubar Polish in Vino, Caramello, and Peacock Feathers: If you haven't noticed, I'm on a bit of a nail polish kick.  And don't get me wrong, I like creme finishes for certain colors, like pinks, reds, and oranges, but for vampier colors or more offbeat colors, I love me a sparkly, or even a metallic finish.  That's where Nubar comes in.  They have literally the SHIMMERIEST polishes I have ever seen. Look at these swatches.  Look!  It's kind of insane.  I almost don't want to get them because I'll be so distracted by my nails, but let's be honest, I'll buy them anyways.  And check out that purple with the green duochrome.  It's so multidimensional and interesting.  In some lighting it'll look green, in others purple.  It's really like two polishes in one.  Oooh.

All Nubar polishes $7.49 at

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