Saturday, July 17, 2010

You Know What Friday Means...

WEEKEND!!!  If you can't tell, I'm excited.  I have a day off!  Sadly, not a regular occurrence.  Now, I'm sure y'all like to celebrate said marvelous weekend time multiple ways, but why not head to the beach like Aitor Ocio, Spanish football player?

Is this post just an excuse for me to post shirtless pics of said footballer?  Maybe.  But I also wanted to share this adorable swimsuit I stumbled across on Shopbop the other day:

Jo de Mer Cindy Maillot, $117.50 down from $235 at I've always been a die hard bikini fan, but there's something about maillots that's been catching my attention.  I think they might be even sexier than bikinis, because there's something to be said about keeping a little to the imagination.  And who doesn't want the opportunity to camouflage any semblance of a stomach? The grommets add a nice bit of edge to the basic black, and the cut is just so perfect--flattering on any bust size, skimming perfectly over hips.  Did I mention it's on sale?

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