Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I'm A Vermillionaire.

I'm definitely not, and never want to be, a haul blogger.  When I share things that I've bought or received on the blog, it's either stuff people have given me or stuff that I've bought myself (two jobs, woohoo!).  I say that just because it was my birthday on Sunday, and so there's gonna be a small influence of shoppings over the next few days.  My lovely roommate bought me three fab Essie polishes, one of which I've swatched for you guys.

Essie polish in Vermillionaire: I know, I know, not pretty feet, and this was before I cleaned up my polish job, it's much nicer now I promise.  Anyways, I have Vermillionaire!  YES.  I talked myself out of buying it because I thought it would be similar to Cajun Shrimp, and it's definitely, definitely not.  Holding them up next to each other, Cajun Shrimp practically looks pink, whereas Vermillionaire is much more of a bright orange with coral undertones.  It's very summery, but I think it's also the kind of polish that I'd reach for in the winter for a pop of warmth.

Essie polishes in Splash of Grenadine and Midnight Cami: She also got me Splash of Grenadine and Midnight Cami.  Splash of Grenadine is a creamy purple/lavender with a huge dose of pink thrown in.  Very '60s Barbie on the beach, really cute without being too juvenile, and just basically all around adorable.  Midnight Cami is a lot like OPI's Russian Navy, a deep, blackened navy with a lot of navy shimmer.  I love polishes like this because they're a refreshing twist on the usual vampy polish, and from a distance they almost look black, but when you get up close there's this explosion of color.  GORGEOUS. (Note: I just comparison swatched Russian Navy and Midnight Cami, and Russian Navy is a much duller navy with red shimmer, which turns it a little purple, whereas Midnight Cami is more of a sapphire navy with blue shimmer.  Love).

All Essie polishes are $8 at essie.com.

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