Thursday, July 15, 2010

Red Carpet at the ESPYS

I'm gonna be honest, I've never watched the ESPYS.  I think they're an awards show for sports?  Which makes no sense to me at all, but an excuse to have a red carpet and ogle hot athletes is, well, an excuse to have a red carpet and ogle hot athletes, so here's some of that.

January Jones in Versace, Marissa Miller in Alexander Wang: I love seeing January Jones outside of Mad Men, because I feel like she makes a real effort to be much edgier and more modern (well, duh) than Betty Draper.  I like how she's taken the same haircut she has on the show and given it a messy twist.  The red lipstick stands out perfectly against that stark white, almost tennis-inspired white dress.  It's summery, it's of the moment, and it's chic.  Me like.  I just wish she'd done a cuter shoe.  Marissa Miller is really surprising me with her awesome red carpet choices recently.  Girl looks fab in Alexander Wang!  I love that it's not a typical red carpet dress, and that it manages to be really sexy without being so fitted.

Ashley Green in Versace, Amber Rose in Natalia Romano: Oh, Ashley Green.  I feel like she's clearly gorgeous, but just can't dress herself.  That high-necked halter was really 2004.  Actually, if it had a different neckline I could totally love this dress and it's '80s minimalism.  I would love to know why all these girls are basically wearing the same shoes, too.  Apparently Amber Rose is still famous (you never know), and wearing ridiculous things in public.  I don't even have anything to say about this.  It's festive?  It looks like party napkins stapled together?  It looks like it's simultaneously molting and shrinking?  Okay, I lied, I have a lot to say.

And requisite Landon Donovan pic: Just because I miss the World Cup, and, um, he's hot.  So there.

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