Friday, July 23, 2010

Today's Wants

Without further ado, here's today's dose of random:

Under.Ligne by Doo Ri Ruched Dress, $285 at, Seamed Gown with Leather Belt, $495 at Doo Ri has a diffusion line!  Yes!  She's one of those designers that I group with Jason Wu and Thakoon--they all do really cute, festive casual-glam pieces...for a less than casual price tag.  I really like that her lower priced pieces have a similar aesthetic and what seems like a comparable (for the price) level of quality.  The ruching on that dress on the left is your stomach/hips best friend.  It makes any unevenness or volume look like it's supposed to be there, which in turn makes you look thinner.  Add that to the classic black jersey and the interesting, but not too crazy asymmetrical neckline, and you have a total workhouse LBD.  The gown is a little more high drama, with the plunging neckline and leather belt, but it has the same sort of modern, minimalist chic going on.  There's a bit of an edge, but it's all very polished and elegant.

DwellStudio for Target Perch Duvet Set,, Casablanca Bedding Collection, And to switch gears completely, who's excited to start getting getting for school again?  I'm torn between loving the shopping and not loving the homework.  Hm.  Anyways, Dwell Studio has been doing this adorable, affordable line for Target for a few years now, and it's the perfect dorm bedding.  They make duvet covers in a wide range of chic colors and patterns, from chinoserie-inspired to modern Moroccan, and all of these have corresponding ADORABLE throw pillows, shower curtains, etc.  Let me tell you, a well-chosen duvet cover can completely change the mood of a dreary dorm room.  I'm still making do with my henna-esque one from Ikea that seems to have disppeared from the Ikea website.  Huh.  Also a fun idea: pick sheets in a color that plays off your duvet cover.  I have a black and white comforter that would be totally boring without my punchy, pink sheets.

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