Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Trashy, Yes. Awesome, Double Yes.

Full disclosure: I realize that the following items are 100% trashy/cheesy/ridiculous/twee, but sometimes a girl needs a bit of twee/trashy.  In confined spaces, of course.

So I got this Wildfox Couture tee off eBay for $32 or so (bday present to myself, woohoo!  Funnily enough, Maud just got the same one in white).  You can get it for $65 at or be an eBay creeper like me and stalk one down.  The pink is a bit brighter in person, and of course, the letters aren't backwards (iPhoto.  Lack of flip function.  Grr.).  It says "Valley girl and, like, proud."  Now, I'm not actually a Valley Girl technically, but I live nearish to the Valley, and have fully recognized the fact that when I talk, I sound like a twelve year old valley girl.  Yay for high-pitched girly voices!  (Not sarcastic at all, noooo).  Anyways, people on the east coast like to point out said valley girl accent, aka saying 'like' way too much, and instead of being annoyed/embarrassed by it, I've decided to completely own it.  In the cutest, most trashy valley girl way possible.  The shirt itself is really comfy, and extremely oversized.  The deep neckline saves it from being unflattering, and I think that if it was fitted it would be a little too much, no?  Also, I can't help but point out the Clueless references here.  Who doesn't love Clueless?  Crazy people with no souls, that's who.

I don't really intend to wear this in public often, but I'm sure it will happen, and if it does, I'd pair it with either short, fitted shorts, or slim jeans and my equestrian boots.  It definitely needs a skinnier silhouette on the bottom to balance it out, and something polished to make it a bit less Miley Cyrus.

Would I recommend getting one of these?  I'd say yes, IF you have extra money burning a hole in your pocket and you need a cheesy, girly pick me up.

Other tees I'd recommend: Wildfox Couture Baggy Box #9 Love Tank, $70 at, Hugs and Kisses Tee, $77 at I think a tank top version of my shirt would be adorable.  I love the combo of the bare on top tank with the roomy body--very understated sexy.  And the little quip about Love Potion #9 is quite cute.  Who doesn't want a shirt that says hugs and kisses on it???  So cute!  Like an adult version of a Hello Kitty tee.  Although I would probably totally wear a Hello Kitty tee, to be honest.

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