Friday, July 2, 2010

Bad Romace, Hair Envy, and Sparkles (of course)

I love long weekends.  You guys really don't even know.  I'm sitting on the couch right now watching some FIFA, drinking sweet tea, and blogging.  Life is bueno.  Maybe later I'll gym and get some froyo, and then stalk the mailbox until my Netflix (His Girl Friday, love me some Cary Grant) arrives.  I'm such a crazy party animal, I know.  Here's what's on my mind this lazy Friday morning:

Deborah Lippmann Polish in Bad Romance: This polish won me over with the Lady Gaga name.  The fact that it's a gorgeous polish with a black jelly base and magenta hexagonal sequins/glitter is just the cherry on top.  It's the perfect going out polish because it looks like just another vampy polish from far away, but when you get up close it's all 'BAM TAKE THAT I'M SPARKLY.'  Because if nail polish talked it would clearly be in all caps and narrated like a comic book.

Elizabeth & James Dolores Haunted Floral Dress, $365 at, Madewell LY Archive Tall Boots, $298 at This dress is so jaunty in a '40s/'50s housewife sort of way!  The grey/black color palette keeps the florals from being too cutesy, and all that pleated chiffon just screams summer.  I'm not gonna lie, I actually really want this.  It's such a unique dress that you could also get a ton of wear out of.  I'd style it with a thin, dark brown leather belt, a pair of summery leather wedges, and a pendant necklace with a pop of color.  These Madewell boots might be the best copy cats of a pair of riding boots that isn't really a pair of riding boots that I've ever seen.  If any of y'all are really into the equestrian trend and want a pair of authentic looking riding boots in sumptuous leather, these would do the trick nicely.

Venomous Villians for MAC, Smashbox Master's Class: Ultimate Eyes in Hazel, $59 at Finally, some more pics of MAC's Venomous Villians collection!  I do still feel like they've copped out with the packaging.  It reminds me of the Hello Kitty packaging, but with even less effort because at least those had some glitter thrown into the black.  My favorite is the Maleficent packaging.  The Dr. Facilier one is just creepy, the Evil Queen looks a little cheap, but Cruella looks pretty good.  Unrelated, but has anyone tried  these Smashbox Master Class kits?  They seem like a good value; here you get liners in plum and dark grey (almost a $40 value), mascara, primer, luminizing powder, and an eyeshadow quad (that's a $30 value right there).  It's certainly a good deal for just under $60, and I love the purple/grey color combo.

Topshop: Broderie Print Corset Dress, $70 at, Patsy Tassel Wedges, $270 at, Leopard Print Scarf, $32 at When I was looking for sundresses about a month ago, I kept checking Topshop (because they are queen of the floral sundress), and they didn't have any!  And now they have like five.  Ugh.  This bustier-topped, cream/floral sundress is my favorite.  The print is very English Rose, but the lingerie details and zipper add a nice bit of edge.  Is it weird that I really like these shoes?  They combine so many trends: platforms, wood heels, clogs, oxfords (with those fab tassels), and have a bit of a '70s vibe that seems so perfect to pair with a floaty sundress.  You could always take off the tassels to change it up, too.  Topshop makes such great accessories.  My go-to way to spice up an outfit is a leopard scarf, but weirdly enough I don't have one in actual leopards colors.  This version looks both big and lightweight (my fave scarf attributes), and have a nice leopard print that's not too flashy.

Lucy Griffiths from BBC's Robin Hood: I think I've mentioned this once before but I'm a huge closet fan of BBC's recently canceled series, Robin Hood (except for how they, ahem, resolved the plot.  Not gonna spoil it, but seriously, seriously bad choices).  Of course when I watch anything I focus on hair and makeup and clothes, because that's how my brain works, and I absolutely adore Lucy Griffiths, who plays Marian in the series.  Partially because we have similar body types (OMG curves), and partially because she has the purdiest hair and makeup.  Her skin is always crazy dewy without looking greasy--how??!--she always has just the right amount of liner, and her hair...omg.  Usually it's in these deep brown waves that are so fab, but towards the end of the series she went a little lighter.  Still a deep brown, but a little more sunkissed and tousled.  I'm not gonna lie, this may have been my inspiration for dying my hair a little lighter for the summer.  If someone could just transplant that onto my head, I'd be good to go.

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  1. You basically need to point me in the direction of that Bad Romance nail polish...

  2. Haha well you can preorder it now at Nordie's but it doesn't come out until mid-July :(

  3. Ummm holy crud those are kinda expensive :(

  4. Girl I know, the pretty ones are always expensive :( maybe a black base with a sparkly topcoat could dupe it? I think Sally Hansen makes some glittertastic top coats



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