Tuesday, July 20, 2010

MAC Pink Opal

One of my lovely friends and loyal readers read my mind and got me this MAC Pink Opal pigment for my birthday.  I've been craving a pink eyeshadow, and I've just gotten into MAC pigments (not as scary as they look), so it's a perfect storm of AWESOME.

Pink Opal is a white pigment with a pink duochrome, which means that it looks white out of direct lighting, but when the light hits it it flashes a frosty, bright pink.  It's inspired by opals themselves, which look white or black but are a rainbow of colors under light.  If you guys want to see what actual opals look like, here's a Google search.  It's a really fun effect, but so, so hard to capture on camera.

Here's the pigment, and it swatched on my finger.  You can kind of see how pink it goes, but it really goes even pinker in real life, I promise.  Here's a clearer picture of the shimmer from someone with awesomer camera skills.

Anyways, how I've been wearing this is my starting with my usual combo of bases (MAC Painterly, MAC Pearl Cream Color Base, and Stila's Cream Shadow in Kitten).  Then, because Pink Opal has a white base, and will look a lot like Vanilla pigment on your lids out of direct light, I use a bit of MAC's Mythology (a warm copper) as a wash across the lid to give it some depth.  Then I layer Pink Opal on top, which turns Mythology into a shimmery, warm beige with fab a pink sheen.  It's not so obvious that when anyone looks at you, they'll think "OMG pink eyeshadow," but it does provide an interesting twist and a hint of intrigue to a more neutral eye.  You could also use this as a highlight if you like pink highlights.  I love to pair it with purple shadows to keep bring out the green in my eyes.  I highly, highly recommend this, and any of MAC's other duochrome pigments.

MAC Pink Opal Pigment, $19.50 at maccosmetics.com.

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