Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Clueless, Chloe, and Clueless.

Today is a big day, girls.  Not only did I get to sleep in til 9:30 (yep, that's sleeping in for me now.  Sad. Sad face), but I'm going to see Eclipse tonight, and you can be sure I will have tons of hilarious (read: snarky) things to say about that tomorrow.  In the mean time, here are some of the fab things I've found today.

Calvin Klein Limited Edition Clueless Dress, $916 at, Clueless (1995): Francisco Costa is remaking the famous Calvin Klein dress from Clueless!!!  It's only available at Confederacy, an LA boutique, and it's about 20x more expensive than it should be, but if you really love Clueless and have money to burn...I just need to watch this movie all over again now.  To me, it's the quintessential LA movie, the quintessential '90s movie, the quintessential teenage movie, and the clothes...drool.  Especially her revolving closet.  I die.

Sheri Bodell Ramble On Slip Dress, $326 at, Oliver Peoples Eyewear Daddy B Sunglasses, $325 at My biggest challenge with summer is finding pieces that pack in as much style as possible with as little fabric as is publicly acceptable.  Slip dresses like this fit that mantra perfectly.  They skim the body in a very flattering way, but are light enough to keep you cool, and this one has an extra summery vibe with the strips, and a bit of edge when you realize that those strips are made of studs.  I'm still seriously considering splurging on a pair of Rayban aviators, but I'm exploring the other options.  I really like these Oliver People's sunnies.  They look like an updated, slightly oversized pair of Wayfarers with thinner frames, and I am a sucker for oversized sunnies.  Just not for that price tag.  Oof.

Anthropologie Cinderella's Hour Chemise, $68 at, Simply Inviting Chemise, $68 at Oh, Anthropologie.  You taunt me.  They have the cutest selection of slips and nightgowns pretty much ever, and they're all somewhat decently priced.  This chemise comes in two prints, one that's pink with little bows, and one that's off-white with little keys (y'all know how much I love antique keys).  What I love about these is that they definitely have a boudoir vibe, but you could transition them to daytime pretty easily, especially during the summer with a little leather belt and a cardigan.

Chloe Resort 2011: I have a love-hate relationship with Chloe.  Mainly I loved it under Phoebe Philo, and have hated it ever since Hannah McGibbon got her hands on it.  What I loved about Chloe before was that it always managed to be feminine and young and bohemian, but never frothy or twee.  Sort of a Celine for young girly girls.   Hannah has brought some of that back with this resort collection.  It's fun and youthful and summery, but drop dead chic in a lovely, minimalist way.  That oxblood leather a-line skirt is a fab transitional piece.  Wear it during the day with a simple white tank, and transition it to night by layering a ton of jewelry on top and adding some heels.  These two little white dresses kill me.  The first one is the perfect incarnation of simplicity, and it's not stark or boring at all.  The second would be perfect for a more fashion forward office, and the grommet/lacing details on the side give it a subtly subversive edge that completely fits with Chloe's teenage vibe.

Wildfox Couture Vampire Love Tank Dress, $83 at In honor of Eclipse's release today, this is what I would wear (if it magically appeared in my closet today) to go see it tonight.  It's not nearly as cheesy as a Team Whoever t-shirt, it's a little ironic and slightly more chic, and generally hilarious enough to wear in public without feeling like a total idiot.  Plus, you could add some teensy denim cutoffs and way too much jewelry and be Miley Cyrus for Halloween!  Double win.

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