Monday, July 12, 2010

The Octopus is Always Right. And Shoppings.

Girls (and boys, I guess?), I totally failed on Friday.  I worked 10 AM-10 PM, came home, sat down with my computer, and fell asleep.  Fail.  I totally meant to blog on Saturday, and then I got distracted by the World Cup and all the Spanish man love.  Speaking of that, um, MY FAVORITEST TEAM IN THE WORLD JUST WON THE WORLD CUP WOOOOOOOOT.  May have teared up a little when the entire Spanish team (led by my future boyfriend/the Spanish goalie, Casillas) started bawling on the field.  Love.  So of course I had to buy a Spanish World Cup hoodie.  If only it was that simple.  I found some cuter ones than the one I posted before--love eBay.

Koalatee Spain World Cup Hoodie, $26 at So I ended up getting the navy blue one, which says something about World Champions and the Red Fury, and is generally adorable.  Why not the red one, you ask?  Well.

Top_Corner_Designs Spain World Cup Football Hoodie, about $25 at Because I actually bought this one in burgundy (stop light red = not so flattering on my pink English/German/Scottish skin).  And then accidentally had it shipped to school.  In Boston.  Where if it isn't lost (unlikely) I won't see it till September.  Clearly I'm a winner.  UGHHH.  Now I have two WC hoodies.  Also, both of these sites have sweatshirts for all the other teams if Spain isn't your thing.  Now I just need a shirt with a picture of Paul the Octopus.

Forever 21 Blue Bird Tank, about $15: In non-soccer related news, I found the cutest tank at Forever 21.  Of course it's not on their website (I feel like their online and in-store stock aren't even related), but it was about $15 and is a total dupe of this Joie tank that I've been craving, complete with the tiny pocket.  The print has tiny eagles or some similar looking bird, and it's a vibrant navy.  I've been wanting a silk(ish) tank for a while now because there's something so summery and breezy about them, but they're also so easy to wear.  I'll pair this my little grey J. Crew shorts, a high-waisted short, or straight leg jeans and my Frye equestrian boots.  It even looks cute with a belt!

Of course, I have to follow up that affordable find with ridiculously expensive things that I want.

YSL Leopard-print Wool and Silk Scarf, $495 at, Falke Lunelle 8 Peacock Stay Up Tights, $49 at, Falke Pure Matte 50 Thigh High Tights, $49 at $500 for a wool-silk scarf?  Crazy.  I realize this.  But it's a black and grey leopard print with fringe!  And it's huge!  And if I had the money I would totally justify it, I'm not gonna lie.  It's the perfect way to work a little leopard print sexiness into your daily wardrobe.  Speaking of sexiness, thigh highs.  Cute or skanky?  I think if worn in a non-Taylor Momsen way (i.e., as actual pants) they could be cute.  Wear them as tights with a slightly sheer or shortish dress, so that there's just the occasional peek of their thigh high-ness, and I think they could really work!  Especially the peacock feather embroidered ones.  Gorgeous.

Elie Saab Fall 2010 Couture: And for a parting shot of gorgeousness, here's some of the Elie Saab couture show, inspired by an Italian theater called 'the phoenix' (in Italian, of course).  That gown on the left is very '80s Versace glam, the middle dress is the chicest kaftan I've ever seen, and the dress on the right is pure Christopher Kane.  They're all lovely, but that first one belongs on my body.  Just look at that thigh high slit!  Hot damn.
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