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Fall 2010 Couture and FIFA!

So I don't think I've shared this on the blog before, but I am a HUGE FIFA fan.  Like to a nerdy level.  And my fave team of all time?  Spain!  Spain that's going to the final match!  That's what's up.  I know.  I'm not patriotic.  My top three teams are Spain, Germany, and England.  Bad Megan.  

FIFA Espana Sweatshirt, $39.99 at Since this FIFA sweatshirt is on sale and I have a 20% discount code to the store...I kinda want to get it.  But it only comes in men's sizes.  But it says FIFA 2010 South Africa on the back and again, LOVE SPAIN.  So conflicted.  Gah.  Buy sweatshirt.  Buy makeup.  Sweatshirt.  Makeup.  Brain explodes. 

And now for the actual fashion parts.

Scarlett Johansson for Mango: I am so glad the knee-length, fit and flare dresses from Louis Vuitton are inspiring high street stores!  It's a really flattering, slightly retro cut that is right up my alley.  If only there were Mango stores in SoCal.  Also, ScarJo looks gorge, no?  Love the smudgy cat-eye makeup.

Versace Fall 2010 Campaign: This Versace campaign is stunning.  STUNNING.  I love the messy, slightly wavy hair, I love the black and white photography combined with the black and white clothes, and I love that this generally over-the-top, sexy brand went so minimalist for their campaign.  I'd wear every single thing in this spread.  Especially those center gowns--dang!

Leighton Meester, Halston Heritage Pleated Flower Dress, $385 at Finally!  Leighton Meester has stepped away from the "I wanna be a pop star" wardrobe trailer and worn something totally adorable!  My favorite part: those platform Louboutins.  Hot damn.  I've never, ever liked booties, but those are some hot shoes.  As for this dress, um, it's Halston.  For less than $400.  HALSTON.  I don't care if SJP is involved in designing this line, it's still Halston and the epitome of minimalist, '70s chic, and I want to wear it around all summer with tousled hair and nude lipstick and general fabulousness.

Ah, Couture Fashion week.  I used to totally discount it because there was no way I'd ever be able to buy or even see in person any of the pieces, but I've warmed up to it.  I feel like it's the only time designers really create clothes that are purely inspirational, and not constrained by the idea of them having to be consumer/market friendly.  Here are some of my favorite looks:

Givenchy 2010 Couture, Dior 2010 Couture: Picture that Givenchy dress minus the jacket and the white tights.  It's like Marchesa and McQueen had a baby that was a big fan of Rodarte, no?  It's a little creepy, a little sci-fi, a little bridal, and totally elegant.  That half-gown silhouette is really starting to grow on me.  Dior Couture is always lovely.  This purple floral dress manages to be modern, preppy, jaunty, sexy, and demure all at the same time.  Talk about multi-tasking.  That pop of red at the waist is the perfect contrast to all those florals.

Dior 2010 Couture, Chanel 2010 Couture: I don't think I need to explain the gorgeousness of that gown.  If someone wears it on a red carpet I may actually die.  In a good way, of course.  I'm not at all a fun of suits, or even skirt suits, but this little Chanel number...if you're going to wear a skirt suit, wear one like this.  The proportions are perfect, and the tight skirt, cuffs, and messy hair keep this look modern and sexy instead of staid.

Chanel 2010 Couture: I love Karl's riffs on the Chanel themes.  This dress is made up of tiny pearls.  Pearls!  That could go very slutty very quickly, but here it looks so chic and so polished.  The cutouts covered with strings of pearls are literally perfection.  And pairing that dress with those edgy, urban cuffs--genius.  And then this second gown is very inspired by the Chanel Russian collections (you know Karl loves a good Russian aristocracy reference).  I really love this gown.  The skirt is so demure, and then you get to the shoulder cutouts and it goes a little sex kitten, and the juxtaposition of the sequins and the florals is pitch perfect. 

Chanel 2010 Couture beauty/details: This is my ideal hair.  Longish, straight with a hint of a wave, tousled and messy, but not sloppy looking.  I would do terrible things to get the brunette version of this hair.  Terrible.  This look has also possibly converted me to the red lipstick/no eyemakeup look, and that's coming from a girl who's never willing worn any sort of lipstick EVER.  But that hair.  Oy ve.  I want to say lots of dry shampoo was used, but her hair still has a sheen to it...any ideas?  These bracelets are killing me.  It's like a Verdura cuff had a fling with some pearls and a little chain, and this is the love child.  It's deconstructed, elegant, chic, edgy, basically perfection rolled into one gigantic, amazing, no doubt insanely expensive piece of jewelry.  I'm not at all a fan of mid-calf boots, but that is one hot boot.  It has a bit of a Marie Antoinette/Versailles vibe, and basically looks completely over-the-top and awesome.  How cute would those be with a pair of thin, dark wash jeans and a basic, drapey white tee?

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