Monday, July 26, 2010

Shampoo Commercial Hair?

I have a love-hate relationship with Target.  Sometimes I walk in and the selection is fantastic and I want ten different things, and sometimes, like this weekend, I walk in and find that the selection is crap.  There were no hair serums to be found!  Not even the Organix coconut milk one I've used for the past two years that's always there.  So I wandered around for literally fifteen minutes, and finally walked out with the following:

This Pantene Straighten & Smooth Creme is $3.49 for just over 5 ounces at  I was looking for something to replace my current Organix serum + Bumble & Bumble Brilliantine combo, which is great, but when Brilliantine is $20 for a 3 ounce bottle, it's not the most affordable habit.  I needed something that would moisturize my hair, mainly because I wash every day and flat iron the heck out of it.  Sorry for the awkward finger picture, but since the bottle is opaque I figured it might be helpful.  It has the consistency of a slightly thin lotion, and smells vaguely perfumey and floral, in a very nice way.

 As for how it works, I get a pump's worth, about a nickle sized dollop, in my palm and then run in through the bottom half of my hair while it's still wet, and brush it out.  It doesn't feel greasy at all, just very moisturizing.  I've been trying it for the last few days, and I totally love it.  My hair is soft and shiny and happy, and while it's no miracle, for $3.50 it's pretty darn good.  It even works better than the almost $30 combo of products I was using before!  Wooho.  I think that bottle will last me 3-4 months, which is good for the price.  

Overall, I'd give this an A-, and I'm totally happy settling for that at the moment.  Next on my list: the heat protector spray from this same line.  (PS: the revamped Pantene has separate lines for curly, thin, and thick hair.  This is the styling creme for thick hair).

Oh, and my dog wants to say hi.  Sophie likes to sit on the top of the sofa and make funny faces at me.  She just got a haircut, so she looks exceptionally silly.  And yes, she sits up like that all by herself.  I couldn't have arranged that if I tried.

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