Thursday, July 30, 2009

Through the Looking Glass

Long story short, I had (and have) an Alice in Wonderland themed thing to go to, and while I'm not really the costume type at all, I thought I'd have fun with my accessories. I wanted something whimsical, and a little bit dark, but also cheap, so I hopped over to Forever 21, as usual. I just have to say, they're in the middle of a serious accessories win right now. There are some crazy good bib necklaces there for less than $10.

Dainty Zipper Flower Headband, $4.80 at, Crystal Mesh Necklace in Black, $5.80 at, Ornate Elephant Necklace, $7.80 at I ended up getting (and not wearing, but that's a long story) these first two pieces. I love this headband--Maudie got it too. From a few feet away, it looks like a nice little flower with gold trim, but as you get closer, you realize that the flower is actually made out of a zipper. Maybe it's just me, but I think that's genius. It combines the youthful girliness of the flower with the industrial, edgy feel of the zipper in a way that totally reads modern Alice to me. Plus, it's less than $5, and even I can wear it! I have trouble with headbands, since I have a big head and lots of hair, but I promise it looks just as good on tiny-headed Maud as it does on giant-headed Megan. This first necklace had a serious Lanvin vibe, with the clear, crystal-looking beads covered with the netted stocking material. It's a great mix of opulent and traditional with modern and organic, which is very Lanvin to me. Since the beads are clear, it doesn't look heavy even though it's a sizeable necklace, and again, it's less than $6. How can you go wrong? I didn't get this last piece, but I want it now. It's just an adorable little elephant necklace. Nothing special, just seriously cute. I have a thing for tiny elephants (it's so funny!).

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