Thursday, July 9, 2009

OMG. I Has Boots.

First off, yes, I do talk like a lolcat on a daily basis, and I have witnesses to confirm that. Secondly, I HAVE BOOTS! Like real, big girl boots. I know I sound pathetically excited about that, but I've never owned real boots before. Don't get me wrong, I have Ugg boots and $10 rain boots and riding boots, but Uggs aren't real shoes (as much as I try to convince myself that they are) and the rain boots are inverse leopard (as in dark background, light spots) and fugly, and the riding boots are sports equipment. I was planning on getting a pair of Hunter boots for college (I hear they have this thing called rain in Boston), and I finally pulled myself together and actually did it! I got mine from this eBay store, which has a ton of colors and sizes--even silver, Maud--and where they were $69.95, vs. the $115 at Piper Lime. I bought them Tuesday night and they got here today, so the shipping was like record breakingly speedy. Of course, as soon as I got them I took pictures for the blog :)

I like shoe boxes. They fascinate me. So, um, here's the shoe box. It's actually a really nice shoe box, if that matters to anyone but me. From the informational shoebox (teehee) I learned that the royal family in England recognized/honored these wellies. The Brits know their wellies, so these must be good. The boots themselves aren't dirty, they come a little splotchy because they're 'blooming,' which means that the wax used to coat the boots and make them waterproof is coming up to the surface. It's not a big deal, and it'll fade away. Usually big logos like the Hunter logo on the calf bother me, but I think here since it's such an iconic design that the logo has become part of the design of the shoe, like the interlocking Cs on a Chanel 2.55 bag. The side buckles are totally useless but very cute nonetheless.

Ignore the pajama outfit and disgustingly bad shorts tan lines. How freaking cute are these boots? The way that they narrow at the ankle and how the shape of the boot actually follows the shape of your foot makes these boots way more flattering than the typical rain boot. They aren't boxy at all, they're really pretty flattering and they hit at a good place on the calf (and I'm 5'8'!). Jeans fit easily into the boot shaft, but they look really adorably cheeky with shorts/a dress/a skirt. I like that I could actually pass these off as regular boots, like on the right. They don't look like rain boots. They almost look like riding boots, so you could totally do an equestrian thing with them. Yay for multitasking! On a side note, they definitely seem to run true to size. I'm a 10, and the 10 fits me perfectly, with just enough room for some nice, thick socks.

I know that dropping $70 on a pair of rain boots seems ridiculous to a lot of people, and I had a mini panic attack after buying them myself, but I'm so happy with this purchase. I can't stop petting them. You really get what you pay for. These are handmade, and you can tell. The arch support is fantastic, the soles are super-textured, and you can just tell that these boots are going to hold up. With all the times that I'll be wearing them, when it rains, when it snows, when I feel like, when I'm in the mud, etc, I think the cost per wear will be pretty low because these are so classic that they won't ever become dated. And they're just prettttttty.



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