Thursday, July 2, 2009

WWDD: What Would Donatella Do?

So Blogger kind of hates me right now, hence the fuzzy pic (which I will try and fix soon, I promise). But I just got and e-mail for a preview of the new issue of V Magazine, which hits newsstands July 7th. (Doesn't anyone else think it's strange that there are two "s" in that word, or is it just me?) Anywho, the layout is paparazzi style which isn't necessarily innovative, but always fun. The spread focuses on one of fashions biggest players, Donatella Versace herself. Although in the spread it's a model who resembles DV, not the actual woman in the flesh. I have to say I really like it and it might have to land in my pile of magazine clippings I keep for inspiration. All the clothes are really great looking and are in very much the classic Versace style.

Side note: the space in the word "after" is intentional. Generally, in the world of graphic design and layouts that is, there are these things called "gutters" which is basically just an inside term for the crease in the center of the page. Usually when you design graphics like that, you leave spaces in the gutters so people can actually read/see what you did. Yes I was/am a yerd. (As in yearbook nerd. Don't judge me.)

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