Wednesday, July 22, 2009

B-day presents and MAC Dazzleglasses!

So this Saturday was my 18th birthday (woot woot!), and only mild rebelliousness ensued, I promise. My super awesome friends got me some super awesome presents, and I thought I'd share a few of them with you guys (it's relevant, I promise).

Kimchi Blue Printed Chiffon Back Leaves Tank, $38 at, Forever21 Janice Woven Scarf in Teal, $10.80 at One of my bffsters got me this gorgeous Kimchi Blue tank from Urban Outfitters. I love the artsy purple and black print, but I really love the sheer back detail. Surprise back details are definitely my favorite, and this one manages to be sexy without going near skanky. She also got me these obscene bandaids from UO (teehee) that are totally immature and totally amazing. Another one of my friends got me a bunch of stuff from Forever21, including this green scarf because I remind her of the green scarf girl from Confessions of a Shopaholic (so cute!).

MAC Dazzleglass in Love Alert and Euro Beat, $18 at What was really entertaining was that Holly, who's been on the blog before, noticed that I kept mentioning/whining that I didn't have any Dazzleglasses, and she decided to complete my collection. She got me Love Alert from Double Dazzle (instead of Rue d'Rouge, which she thought looked too red and she was right), and Euro Beat from Euristocrats II, and I'm soooo happy that she did. MAC describes Love Alert as a raspberry red with red pearl and Euro Beat as a peach coral with gold pearl. I'd say Love Alert is a raspberry red, but it definitely has blue-violet shimmer, not red shimmer, which gives it a bit more of a fuchsia vibe. Euro Beat is a peachy coral with gold and violet shimmer. On the lips, Love Alert is a light, berry-fuchsia with multi-dimensional, cool shimmer, and Euro Beat adds just a hint of golden-pink tint with a ton of gold and fuchsia shimmer. I like Euro Beat for daytime, because the shimmer adds polish without being over the top, and Love Alert for night because it adds a hint of vampiness, but the shimmer keeps it light.

The formula is a little on the thick and sticky side. This is definitely a 'get your hair caught in it' lip gloss, but that stickiness also means longer lasting power, so it's an even trade off in my book. I found both glosses nicely pigmented but easily layered, and they both have a slightly sweet, floral scent. The tubes themselves are small but well-made, but the brush applicators are interesting. The Love Alert applicator is totally fine, but the Euro Beat applicator is stiff enough to be deadly! I'm sure it'll soften over time, but just be aware that the applicators are inconsistent. Overall, though, I finally get what the fuss is about. Sure, they're more expensive than the usual MAC lipglosses, but I think the shimmer makes it worthwhile. I mean, I've seen shimmer, and this is SHIMMER. For a little magpie like me, that's the selling point.

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